Breast reduction procedures for women

Breast reduction cosmetic surgery to reduce the weight and volume of the breasts, technically referred to as reduction mammaplasty, is one of the fastest growing procedures sought after by women to remove excess fat and tissue from the breasts to make them appear smaller or flatter.

During the reduction mammaplasty cosmetic surgery procedure, fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed from the breasts, which are then reshaped and the nipples repositioned.

Figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs) show that it was the fourth most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed on women in 2011 behind only breast augmentation, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and face/neck lift procedures in popularity. Breast reduction is also growing in popularity faster than most other operations with a 6.7% increase in women going under the knife in 2011 compared to the year before.

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Successful breast reduction cosmetic surgery can have a profoundly positive effect on self esteem, can increase the ability to move freely and exercise, and can ensure the patient feels comfortable with how their body looks.

In light of the recent PIP scandal where thousands of women were given breast implants containing substandard material combined with the growth in negligent cosmetic surgery procedures, including reduction mammaplasty, the rules on cosmetic surgery are being examined with a review led by the medical director of the NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh.

Bad breast reduction surgery due to cosmetic surgery negligence is all too common as currently some practitioners who purport to offer cosmetic surgery reduction mammaplasty procedure services are not adequately qualified. The ongoing government inquiry is to examine whether the rules governing cosmetic surgery in England should be tightened with concerns about hard sell and low standards.

In the occurrence of negligent breast reduction surgery, women may experience a variety of problems that would indicate bad breast reduction surgery may have occurred, often at the hands of a surgeon not properly qualified due to the unregulated nature of the industry.

Indications of bad breast reduction surgery problems associated with breast reduction surgery gone wrong which could lead to breast reduction claims include:

  • Breasts which remain droopy or ptotic after the procedure. This can occur if insufficient skin or tissue has been removed in the operation
  • Excessive scarring
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Asymmetrical nipples, where one appears higher than the other
  • Loss of nipple itself or loss of nipple sensation

In rare cases, breast reduction surgery gone wrong has even seen women contract serious, life-threatening infections including both staphylococcus aureus and beta haemolytic streptococcus group B, a ‘flesh-eating’ disorder.

Have you recently undergone a breast reduction cosmetic surgery that you’re not happy with? Talk to one of our specialist solicitors on 0808 256 1296 or request a call back from our team.

The increase in breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedures for women corresponds with the rise in breast reduction claims reported by Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors in the last twelve months due to negligent breast reduction when there is evidence of breast reduction surgery gone wrong.

Comparing the first six month of 2012 with the corresponding period in 2011, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, who work on a no win, no fee basis, and claimed over £1 million compensation paid to its clients since 2005, has recorded a 55% year on year rise in cosmetic surgery claims.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can help women secure compensation in instances of breast reduction surgery gone wrong for negligent breast reduction. With a winning case, breast reduction claims can lead to substantial breast surgery compensation.

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