Dental Negligence Compensation

Dental Negligence Claims

Dental Negligence claims cover the entire field of dentistry. So, even if the work you had on your teeth wasn’t through a private dentist, for cosmetic and routine procedures alike, if your dentist was negligent, we can help you to claim.

We know if can be confusing researching whether or not you have a potential claim, so we’ve laid out the most common issues that we’ve experienced.

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Your first port of call for making dental negligence claims.

We deal with many successful dental negligence claims every year and that’s why our clients make us their first port of call as soon as they think something has gone wrong.

What to look out for when your dental treatment has gone wrong

Dental Appearance: How do your teeth look? If you can see something that doesn’t look right along your gums or teeth. 

Cracked or chippped teeth and cut gums are common problems and are the easiest to spot.

Sensitivity: If your teeth are painfully sensitive when eating normal foods, after receiving any sort of dental treatment, chances are something has gone wrong.

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