Liposuction, technically known as liposculpture, is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery operation in the UK. Last year almost 3,500 women and 500 men underwent liposuction – an increase of a staggering 90 per cent on 2005.

Although the reasons for undergoing liposuction vary from person to person, most patients request the operation because they are unhappy with their body shape and want their surgeon to take away unwanted fat from areas of the body that cannot be removed through diet or exercise.Liposuction

  • Below is a list of problems associated with liposuction:
  • Poor body shape or contour deformity
  • No visible improvement
  • Nerve damage or numbness

If you’ve suffered mental or physical injury as a result of negligent liposuction surgery, our lawyers understand you will have been through a traumatic and painful time. We can help get you back to your old self and look forward to your future, physically and financially.

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