Breast Enlargement Claims

Breast enlargement, also known as breast implants or breast augmentation, is by far the world’s most popular form of cosmetic surgery. In just the past year alone, more than 25,000 women in the UK decided to have breast implants. But carrying out breast enlargement surgery is not always straightforward. Several complications can arise due to cosmetic surgery negligence where breast enlargement claims can be made.

It’s inevitable that each year there are many examples of breast implants gone wrong, but we believe these should be followed by breast implant claims. If you have suffered from negligent breast enlargement surgery, you should be aware that successful breast enlargement claims net considerable compensation.

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Breast Enlargement Compensation

Your first port of call for making breast enlargement claims.

We deal with many successful breast implant claims every year. That’s why we are our clients’ first port of call for making breast implant claims. There are many reasons why breast implants can go wrong, but it can due to cosmetic surgery negligence and that is when breast implant claims should be made.
We assist many people in making breast enlargement claims, so we have listed some of the most common instances of breast implant complications. If you think that any one of these issues applies to you, please contact us to make a breast implant claim immediately. People can receive very big payouts from winning breast surgery claims:

What to look for when breast surgery has gone wrong:

Breast implant slippage or rupturing: Slippage of your breast implants can occur due to a botched boob job performed by an inexperienced or negligent cosmetic surgonThis can make your breast implants have an odd, uneven shape, as can be the case with implant ruptures.
However, ruptures are even more dangerous and in this case the breast implants should be removed as soon as possible. If this has affected you, a breast implant claim should be made. Breast surgery claims can also be made against the cosmetic surgery if the slippage or rupturing was a result of negligence.Freephone 0800 634 0285 to discuss your breast surgery concerns with one of our cosmetic solicitors. Alternatively you can request a call back online.

Asymmetrical breast implants: Some people suffer from lop-sided breasts after breast implants and just accept this as an unfortunate occurrence. But these can be classic cases of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, and should be followed by breast surgery claims. Our cosmetic surgery solicitors are highly trained to look for instances where uneven breast implants can indeed lead to successful breast implant claims.

Breast scarring: We have dealt with many successful breast surgery claims due to scarring.. While scarring after your breast enlargements may not be life-threatening, it may have left you feeling very dissatisfied at the bad results of your breast implants. Coupled with the expense of having your breast surgery in the first place, you may feel very cheated with this unsatisfactory outcome. However, if it is found that the scarring was a result of cosmetic surgery negligence, substantial compensation could be due for winning breast implant claims.
Bad breast implants placement: In our experience of dealing with breast surgery claims we have  noticed that problems can arise if breast implants have been positioned incorrectly as a result of poor ‘pocketing’.. There are many different unsatisfactory outcomes from poor pocket positioning, including the so-called ‘double bubble’ or ‘cottage loaf’ effect where your breasts look like they have two mounds instead of one. Another common occurrence of breast surgery gone wrong is when the breast implants fall to the bottom of the breast, known as ‘bottoming out.’ If you feel that your breast implants have any of these aforementioned appearances, you need to speak to our cosmetic surgery solicitors as they have dealt with breast enlargement claims due to these issues before. Call us for free on 0800 634 0285 to discuss yourconcerns in more detail.
Loss of sensation after breast implants: Although slightly rarer than some of the other breast implant claims detailed above, there are sometimes issues with loss of sensation, or numbness of the breast, especially in the nipple area. You’d be wrong in assuming that this is just a normal, expected outcome of breast enlargement surgery, as breast surgery claims are made against this problem. Loss of sensation in your breast may be causing you great distress, in which case you should contact us to find out if you are entitled to compensation as breast surgery claims can be made for this problem.

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What you need to do next to make a breast implant claim…
Do any of the issues we’ve detailed above sound like the concerns that you have since your breast surgery?If so, your next step is to speak to one of our highly skilled cosmetic surgery solicitors to find out about making a breast implant claim. We are experts in the field of cosmetic surgery negligence and we have dealt with many successful breast enlargement claims before.
We will tell you how we make breast surgery claims, and ultimately if you are entitled to reimbursement. We understand you may be suffering great distress and concern due to your bad breast surgery, that’s why we want to help you to receive the compensation you deserve.
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