Hair Surgery Transplant Claims 

Hair surgery is growing in popularity and prevalence in the UK, with several celebrities recently reported as having had hair surgery, such as a hair transplant. The reasons for carrying out hair surgery can vary greatly between patients. As it is a very wide subject area, hair surgery can be suitable for people suffering from male pattern baldness, alopecia, women’s baldness and even excess hair. Because the problems can be radically different, hair surgery treatments differ greatly too.
However, as hair surgery largely entails new and evolving procedures, it is possible that things can go wrong. And if you feel that you have unduly suffered as a result of hair surgery negligence, you should speak to our cosmetic surgery solicitors immediately as you may be able to make a claim. Here are some more details about types of hair surgery performed in the UK, as well as examples of hair surgery gone wrong.

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Hair surgery for male pattern baldness

One of the most common forms of hair surgery used for male baldness is a hair transplant. This method of hair surgery is also known as follicular unit transplantation. It involves transplanting a strip of skin from where the hair still grows at the back of the head to the balding area. Other methods of hair surgery for male baldness include follicular unit extraction, where extracted hairs are ‘punched’ into the balding part of the scalp.

Similarly, there is a hair surgery procedure which involves artificial hair being implanted into the scalp, although this poses great risks. In fact, all three of these hair surgery treatments expose patients to the chance of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. To help you understand if you can make a successful hair surgery claim, we have detailed the most common claims below.

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Most common hair surgery claims

Hair transplant: Various problems can arise with hair surgery transplants. If the hair transplant becomes infected after your hair surgery, this can result in a painful, itchy scalp with the possibility of bleeding. Consequently, an infected transplant after hair surgery can also lead to the greater likelihood of scarring, at either the back or the front of the hair.
In extreme cases of hair surgery gone wrong, patients can suffer either partial or complete loss of all their hair due to a damaged scalp. And even if you have only noticed a degree of numbness since your hair surgery transplant, you could still be due compensation if you believe you can claim for cosmetic surgery negligence.
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Follicular unit extraction: This method of hair surgery, known as FUI for short, also carries similar risks to those involved with a hair surgery transplant. The possibility of deep scarring is smaller with this hair surgery procedure, but infection is just as prevalent.

There is potential for an irritated scalp after hair surgery at both the site of the hair extraction and the site of the hair implant. If you feel that your scalp is red, itchy or painful since your hair surgery, we advise you to speak to one of our cosmetic surgery solicitors in the first instance to find out about making a claim for cosmetic hair surgery.

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Artificial hair implants: This hair surgery procedure is performed in a similar way to follicular unit extraction, except artificial hairs are implanted rather than real hairs, from another area of your scalp.
The problem with using artificial hair in hair surgery is that it consists of synthetic fibres rather than natural, organic ones. This greatly increases the risk that your scalp will not accept these foreign fibres, often leading to complications after your hair surgery.

Infection can be a common result of artificial hair surgery, and you may have noticed that your scalp is inflamed, painful or even scarred. If the scalp rejects the artificial hair, this can result in the synthetic fibres falling out, which will look as if you never had the hair surgery in the first place. If you believe any of these symptoms apply to you, you should contact us immediately to see if you can make a successful hair surgery claim.

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Laser hair removal: Hair surgery does not just entail a hair transplant or an implant, it can relate to hair removal as well. The most popular form of hair surgery for hair removal in the UK is by Intense Pulsed Light, abbreviated to IPL.

Whilst IPL is extremely effective at removing unwanted hairs, this type of hair surgery can cause severe burns, redness, itching and hyper-pigmentation on any part of the treated skin. Although they are common side effects of this hair surgery, you should still check with our cosmetic surgery solicitors if you can make a claim because of hair surgery negligence.

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Making hair surgery claims
If the descriptions above match your particular ailments, you should not feel daunted by putting forward a hair surgery claim.
Our cosmetic surgery solicitors are very knowledgeable about what risks should have been avoided if you are suffering due to your hair surgery.
In fact, due to being a victim of botched hair surgery you could find that you are due a substantial sum of money in compensation.
However, the only way you will know for sure is if you contact us by email right away, or call 0800 634 02 85 now.