There are a large variety of reasons for carrying out nose surgery, ranging from adapting the shape of the nostrils for improved breathing to completely restructuring the bridge of the nose for aesthetic purposes. Just as the requirements for nose surgery vary, the procedures for nose surgery differ greatly too.

For instance, nose surgery can incorporate reducing the cartilage at the end of the nose, breaking and then restructuring the bridge of the nose, or incising the nostrils. Because nose surgery is considered a technically complex procedure, we have dealt with examples of rhinoplasty surgery gone wrong where nose surgery claims needed to be made.


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Rhinoplasty surgery is an invasive procedure.

Nose surgery requires patients to undergo general anaesthetic, indicating that it is a more complicated, invasive procedure compared to some other forms of cosmetic surgery. This also increases the possibility for complications, resulting in nose surgery claims.

However, if you feel you have experienced rhinoplasty surgery negligence we would like to help you, as at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors we are experts in nose surgery claims. With a winning case, you could be due substantial cosmetic surgery compensation.

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Why finding out about rhinoplasty surgery negligence is important.

If you’ve been suffering with pain, poor health or depression since having bad nose surgery, it’s very important you find out about the nose surgery claims process. That’s because you may be afflicted with problems associated with rhinoplasty surgery gone wrong. At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we are highly experienced in nose surgery claims and know exactly what indicators to look for.

Upon discovery of rhinoplasty surgery negligence, we help clients make successful cosmetic surgery claims resulting in large sums of compensation. To help you find out about more about the nose surgery claims process and to decide if your issue is due to negligent surgery, here are some of the most common rhinoplasty surgery claim indicators.

Nose surgery deformity: Deformity leading to rhinoplasty surgery claims covers a wide range of areas, including saddle deformity at the tip of the nose, known as ‘supra-tip hollowing’, as well as uneven nostrils or an uneven nose shape after scars have healed. It is possible to make a nose surgery claim for negligence for these problems, as they can be due to excessive tissue removal or bad nose surgery restructuring.

In most instances, you should wait to heal fully after your nose surgery before finding out about the compensation surgery process. This is because swelling can make your nose appear unbalanced. However, if after time you still feel that you are suffering from nose surgery deformity and uneven features, you should contact us immediately and we will explain everything you need to know about making a nose surgery claim.

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Bleeding: The possibility of bleeding is a prevalent problem for many Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, and not just nose surgery claims. Because incisions need to be made around the nose, you could be suffering from internal bleeding and blood clots after your nose surgery, usually indicated by persistent swelling. If you believe this to be the case, you may need another nose surgery operation, as blood clotting can be extremely dangerous. You will also need to contact our Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors to find out about making a nose surgery claim due to negligence.

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Breathing difficulties: Because nose surgery often involves completely restructuring and reshaping the nostrils, this can lead to a narrowed nasal passage that allows insufficient air to pass through. If you are finding yourself short of breath when breathing through your nose, or if you are struggling to breathe at all through your nose, you may be suffering from breathing difficulties due to your bad nose surgery.

Another related indication around the nostril area is if you have lost some of your sense of smell and taste. For both issues, you should speak to one of our Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors to find out how we make successful nose surgery claims against these problems.

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Nasal collapse: We have also seen people making nose surgery claims for nasal collapse. This extremely dramatic occurrence results in the columella, or bridge, of the nose caving inwards. As this can be very painful and deeply unsatisfactory after nose surgery, you should seek rhinoplasty compensation to find out if nasal collapse happened due to negligence.

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Nose surgery claims can net large sums of compensation

For any of the examples of bad nose surgery above, you should contact Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors immediately to discuss making a nose surgery claim.

However, even if the types of nose surgery claims we have listed do not match your particular example rhinoplasty surgery gone wrong, you should still speak to our Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.

We know which instances can result in a successful nose surgery claim, and we will advise you on what you need to do now.

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