Plastic Surgery Claims 

Plastic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK. Figures show that more than 38,000 plastic surgery procedures were carried out in 2010, compared with just over 10,000 plastic surgery procedures in 2003.
Unfortunately, this dramatic escalation of plastic surgery procedures has also seen a large rise in instances of plastic surgery gone wrong. However, in some cases these can be the result of plastic surgery negligence where it is possible to make successful plastic surgery claims. If you believe you have had a bad plastic surgery procedure, you could be in line to receive substantial compensation. As specialist cosmetic surgery solicitors, we have dealt with many plastic surgery claims, so we know exactly what types of things can go wrong. 
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Have you had a botched plastic surgery procedure?

You may have undergone breast enlargements, nose reshaping or liposuction that you are not entirely happy with. Please do not allow yourself to suffer in silence. You need to contact us as soon as you can so we can assess if you can make a plastic surgery claim. To help you decide which plastic surgery problem you have, here are the most common issues that arise with different types of plastic surgery: 

Common types of plastic surgery that have gone wrong

Breast enlargements: Badly performed breast enlargements due to plastic surgery negligence can result in several different issues. Other plastic surgery grievances after breast enlargements include implant rupturing, scarring and uneven breasts. If any of these plastic surgery problems sounds like what has happened to you, you could make a claim.

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Nose reshaping: The plastic surgery procedures carried out on the nose, also known as rhinoplasty, can have a devastating effect if carried out badly. Common problems with this type of plastic surgery include nasal collapse and lop-sided nostrils. Bad plastic surgery for your nose reshaping can also cause you to suffer from a decreased sense of smell, blood clots and a deformity of the bridge of the nose. If instances such as these are due to plastic surgery negligence, it is possible to make plastic surgery claims.

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Facelift: The facelift, technically known as rhinoplasty, is another common type of plastic surgery that is very popular in the UK. Patients may have hoped this plastic surgery would help them to appear younger, but problematic results can arise from plastic surgery gone wrong in this area. Noticeable issues after bad plastic surgery include bad scarring around the ears, hair loss and the discolouration of the skin. Plastic surgery problems in facelift can go far beyond superficial damage, and can cause paralysis of the face and severe bleeding and swelling. You will need to speak with our cosmetic surgery solicitors about making a facelift surgery claim if any of these issues matches yours.

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Dental surgery: Forms of plastic surgery also extend to procedures carried out on the teeth. There is a vast range of plastic surgery treatments available for the teeth, including dental veneers, crowns and teeth whitening. Unfortunately, among these plastic surgery treatments there are also a large number of things, which can go wrong. As cosmetic surgery solicitors, we help people who have had gum disease, damaged root canals and broken teeth because of bad plastic surgery procedures. Suffering from dental pain due to plastic surgery negligence can be excruciating, so you really should find out if you are due compensation for bad dental surgery.

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Eyelid surgery: A very popular type of plastic surgery in the UK, second only to breast enlargements, eyelid surgery involves removing excess tissue from above or below the eye. The plastic surgery should help the eyes appear less tired or remove hooding, but bad plastic surgery can actually make the eyes’ appearance worse. In extreme instances, negligent plastic surgery on the eye can actually make your heath deteriorate dramatically too.

Some of the worst plastic surgery problems here include blurred vision, bleeding behind the eyes or even complete blindness. However, if you are suffering from issues such as uneven-shaped eyes or droopiness of your lower eyelids after plastic surgery, you should still contact our cosmetic surgery solicitors about making a claim.

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Liposuction: Another form of plastic surgery for which demand is rapidly rising, liposuction is a much-desired procedure because it can help to remove fat and improve body shape. Nevertheless, a plastic surgery operation as simple as liposuction can have several complications. You may have noticed no improvement at all after your liposuction plastic surgery, or even an increased degree of numbness. When plastic surgeries are negligent, we will deal with both of these issues by making plastic surgery claims.

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Make a plastic surgery claim with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

What you need to do next to make plastic surgery claims

Do any of the plastic surgery problems detailed above sound like they relate to you? If they do, you really need to contact our cosmetic surgery solicitors to see if you can make a successful plastic surgery claim.
We deal with hundreds of plastic surgery cases just like yours and we will always discuss your issue first and assess the likelihood of you receiving substantial compensation.  Even if your plastic surgery problem is not mentioned above, it’s very likely we will be able to help you.
After all, if you’ve been the victim of plastic surgery negligence, we believe it’s essential you receive the reimbursement you are due.
That’s why you need to contact us now or call 0800 634 02 85 to find out how we can help.