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Lip Implants

Lip implants are designed to augment the lips to look fuller and plumper, adding shape and volume. The effects of successful lip augmentation usually last around six months.


Lip Implants

Lip augmentation is commonly carried out using an injectable dermal filler. The most common fillers contain compounds with a likeness to hyaluronic acid, a natural compound found in the body which can help increase the volume in your lips.


More About Lip Implants Cosmetic Surgery and Lip Implants Negligence

Lip Implant Surgery Claims

Lip implant cosmetic surgery, also referred to as lip augmentation, attempts to rectify thin or uneven lips and boost the fullness of a patient’s lips in order to make them appear larger or fuller. While temporary injectable materials are the most common method of lip augmentation and reshaping, the lip implant procedure is growing in popularity in the UK, especially among women who are unhappy that their lips appear too thin or shapeless and wish for a more youthful complexion.

A lip implant operation is normally performed without error but if there is a complication and your lip augmentation has gone wrong due to a negligent cosmetic surgeon or clinic, the consequences can be very difficult for the patient. If your lip implant surgery goes wrong, a cosmetic surgery legal firm can claim for lip augmentation negligence on your behalf. This can lead to substantial compensation and ease your distressing situation.

Lip Augmentation Claims Continue to Rise

The lips thin as people age and patients can associate fuller, plumper lips with a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Lip augmentation is sometimes performed as an injectable dermal filler but lip implant surgery is becoming more popular in the UK. Although the reasons for undergoing lip implant surgery vary from person to person, most patients request the procedure because they don’t want to undergo regular top-up injections and opt for the more permanent lip augmentation surgery.

The lips are the most malleable and animate of all facial features and are consequently very sensitive to change. When lip implant surgery goes wrong and creates a change that the patient doesn’t want, the results can be damaging both physically and psychologically for the patient. At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors we are experts in dealing with lip implant negligence claims and know exactly what indications to look for so if you feel your lip implant has gone wrong, talk to Michael Saul, Head of Cosmetic Negligence Claims on 0800 634 0285 to start a lip augmentation claim or request a call back from our expert legal team.

The Lip Implant Surgery

Lip augmentation is usually performed using dermal filler material which is injected into the lips until the desired shape or plumpness is achieved. For more on dermal fillers, click here for further information.

This dermal filler lip augmentation process is minimally invasive, needing little recovery time. The dermal filler injected into the lips is not permanent and is naturally broken down over time.

However, increasingly patients are opting for permanent lip implants so that they do not have to return for repeated procedures to obtain their desired appearance. The procedure of inserting implants into the lips is performed under general anaesthetic and generally takes half an hour for the entire procedure.

Two tiny incisions are made in the corners of the mouth, followed by a longer incision along the lining of the lips to insert the implant. Once the implants have been inserted and the procedure completed, the patient is left with permanent implants in their lips.

On account of the lip implants being permanent, if this type of lip augmentation goes wrong, it can be a very traumatic experience; negligent lip implant surgery is not easy to reverse. Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are dealing increasing instances where lip implants have gone wrong and where lip augmentation negligence claims should be made due to negligent cosmetic medical practitioners.

We understand how distressing the results of bad lip implants can be for the patient. Let us help get your life back to normal as soon as possible and secure you financial compensation. See below on how you can make a lip implant surgery negligence claim.

Claim for Lip Implant Negligence with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

As the first legal practice in England and Wales dedicated to helping victims of negligent cosmetic surgery, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has recovered over £2.5 million compensation for clients following cosmetic surgery going wrong. Do you have concerns that you may have experienced lip implant cosmetic surgery negligence following lip augmentation going wrong? Let us advise you as to your options by taking these simple steps to make a claim for compensation:

  1. Talk to our experienced lip implant surgery claims team on 0800 634 0285
  2. Request a call back at a convenient time that suits you
  3. Let us know the details of your lip augmentation gone wrong and allow our expert legal team to identify the possible options for you
  4. Let our cosmetic medical negligence solicitors do the rest

When Lip Implants Go Wrong

It is very difficult to have lip implants removed and you could be left with implants you are not happy with which are too expensive to be removed. In such cases, if the cosmetic surgeon has been negligent in how they have performed the lip implant procedure, we could help you seek corrective surgery.

Typical problems you may encounter with lip implants going wrong and which indicate the occurrence of lip implant surgery negligence may include:

  • Misshapen lips due to movement of the implant resulting in lumps or ridges
  • Inappropriate scarring
  • Overfilling of lips creating inappropriate swelling of the lips or ‘trout pout’

Have you experienced any of the problems mentioned above following lip implant surgery going wrong? Contact our specialist lip implant claims solicitors who are experts in the field of lip augmentation negligence on 0800 634 0285 now.

Talk to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Today

We are the leading UK cosmetic surgery law firm and have a deserved reputation for delivering the best results for the many patients who’ve suffered lip implant surgery negligence.

We can answer any questions you may have about the lip implant claims process and will support you through what can be a dreadful experience.

If you’ve been a victim of a lip augmentation going wrong, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can identify the impact caused by the negligent lip implant surgery and secure the appropriate compensation for the distress you’ve had.

Speak to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul or one of the dedicated lip implant surgery claims team.

Cosmetic Surgery Process Guides

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has surgery process guides for other frequent types of cosmetic surgery negligence like the following:

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