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Surgery Process Guide to Scarless Mammoplasty

“Ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are women whose oversized breasts are causing medical problems, low self-esteem, physical or social discomfort or frustration in general.” – Dr Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC 

Small incisions are made in the crease of the breast or subtly in the armpit. It’s more suited to patients who have a larger fat to glandular ratio in the breast.


A general anaesthetic will be given to you before surgery commences.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step

The surgeon will make tiny incisions (around a few millimetres wide) in either the crease of the breast, or in the upper outer section of the breast, close to the armpit. 


Liposuction techniques are then used to drain the excess fat from the breast.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step

Once all the surplus fat has been drained, the incisions are closed. 

Complications / Negligence Signs

Swelling of the breasts after surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Complication
Cosmetic Surgery Complication

You may experience asymmetry of the breasts following the surgery.

Surgical Risks

Having a general anaesthetic administered can cause serious risks – however these are rare (typically, these risks will occur one case in every 10,000).

Risks include;

These complications can include:

-Anaphylaxis (a harmful reaction to the anaesthetic)

Inherited reaction to the anaesthetic

In extremely rare cases, death (approx. 1 death for every 100,000 general anaesthetics given).

These problems are more likely to arise if:

you are undergoing emergency surgery

you have other illnesses 

you are a smoker

you are overweight 

Your surgeon should talk you through these risks before your operation.


If you would like more information, or sound, impartial advice on the key decisions you should consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery, read the S.A.F.E Choice Guide here.

Questions & Concerns

Has your cosmetic surgery left you with questions and conerns about the success of your procedure?

Do you think you may have been a cosmetic surgery negligence? Our specialist solicitors may be able to start a claim for you.

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