Justice for Widower Whose Wife Died After Liposuction

Justice is dealt: the grieving family of 32-year-old Adriana Porras are given $2.3 million compensation after she dies following liposuction. Another tragic case of cosmetic surgery negligence has been in the news this week following Manhattan-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Sharon … Continued

Grandmother Devastated After Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Marcia Thomas travels to Belgium for surgery to remove excess underarm skin following weight loss. Channel 5 recently reported the story of 53 year old grandmother Marcia Thomas. After a dramatic weight loss, Marcia made the decision to have cosmetic … Continued

Filler Treatment Gone Wrong Leaves Woman Disfigured

It has been reported that a 41 year old woman has been left disfigured and covered in weeping sores after her permanent lip filler became infected. Stacey Hohn, a mother-of-four from London, was left with infected lumps all over her … Continued

Woman Highlights Risk Of Cosmetic Surgery Going Wrong Abroad

According to reports, cosmetic surgery holidays are growing in popularity with nearly one in three prospective patients now heading abroad for body enhancing procedures. However, according to price comparison website confused.com, nearly half of patients who undergo cosmetic surgery abroad … Continued