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British women think less is more when it comes to breast surgery

August 7, 2008

British women have a different attitude to breast surgery than their American counterparts, an interesting new study has found

While in both the UK and US breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery procedure, more British women are opting to reduce their breast size then enhance it.

According to a survey of surgeons in the UK and America, British doctors perform two breast reductions for every breast enlargement operation on women.

In comparison, US doctors perform many more enhancements than reductions, with only one breast implant removal or reduction for every 12 enhancements.

Eyelid surgery is also more popular in Britain – up 13 per cent last year, making it the second most favoured cosmetic procedure, compared to fourth most popular in America.

Liposuction – which has remained static in America as the second most requested operation – has also risen in the UK by 15 per cent.

Facelifts experienced a staggering 37 per cent rise in Britain last year, making it the fourth most popular procedure.

Although facial cosmetic surgery is also on the up in America – increasing by 14 per cent –
it is only the sixth most requested operation.

In the US nose jobs are on the decline, down seven per cent to the number three spot, compared to Britain where they have risen by 13 per cent, but are only the sixth most popular procedure.

Tanveer Jaleel, founder and partner of TJL Solicitors, said: ‘This survey is evidence that, while in the past America was streets ahead of Britain when it came to cosmetic surgery, we are now catching up.

‘In every area the UK has witnessed a rise in the number of cosmetic surgery operations, compared to the US where the market is either rising or stable.

‘In Britain cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more acceptable, there is no longer any taboo about going under the surgeon’s knife.’

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