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TJL Solicitors launch dental negligence claims

July 4, 2011

Hollywood smile

In recent years there has been a boom in cosmetic dentistry as more and more people strive for the perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile.

Previously expensive treatments have come down in price making procedures once only available to the rich and famous much more affordable for the masses.

Many dentists now offer smile makeovers with treatments including teeth whitening for yellow or stained teeth, veneers, invisible braces for teeth straightening, gum contouring for protruding gums or the ‘gummy smile’, and implants and crowns to restore chipped or replace broken teeth.

Poor regulation

Anyone putting their trust in a dentist to improve their smile has the right to expect they will be safeguarded from harm and trauma during and after their treatment.
Most cosmetic dentistry carried out in the UK is performed in private clinics, where, unlike in the NHS, there is little regulation, and procedures often cost thousands of pounds.
While most patients are satisfied with their treatment, more and more are finding that their dental work disappoints. They are left counting not only the financial cost of poor results, but also the emotional and physical cost of painful injuries, prolonged suffering and trauma when their cosmetic dentistry goes wrong.

Helping you recover

At TJL Solicitors, we understand that no amount of money could possibly compensate for the suffering caused by poor cosmetic dentistry.

However, our experts believe they can help patients recover both their physical well being and self esteem, by securing the funds they need for corrective surgery and helping them get their lives back on track.

Our lawyers have years of experience in recovering compensation for people who have suffered physical or emotional scarring as a consequence of botched cosmetic surgery and dentistry.
Whether you have undergone a teeth whitening, straightening or any other dental surgery procedure that has gone wrong, our experts promise to always lend a sympathetic ear and treat your claim with compassion, no matter what you’ve been through.

TJL Solicitors will call you, simply click here to tell us the best time to ring.

If you’d prefer to give us a bell simply telephone 08006340280 for a sympathetic ear and quick, free, honest advice.

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