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Liposuction operation contributed to woman’s death

July 1, 2008

A mother-of-two suffered a heart attack and died 48 hours after undergoing liposuction on her thighs.

Company director Pauline Bainbridge, 50, had spent £3,500 on the procedure at the Capio Fulwood private clinic in Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire.

At an inquest into Mrs Bainbridge’s death, a coroner ruled that the surgery probably contributed to a blood clot that caused the fatal heart attack which killed her on July 22 last year.

Although the hospital was not to blame for Mrs Bainbridge’s death, and the heart attack may have occurred anyway, Nigel Meadows, coroner of Manchester, said the chances of cardiac arrest were increased by the operation.

He recorded a verdict of misadventure and gave the formal cause of death as first, a heart attack, with a second cause as "liposuction on both thighs".

After the hearing, Mrs Bainbridge’s husband, Alan, 54, warned others to think carefully about having cosmetic surgery.

"She was so fit and well we didn’t expect anything to go wrong,’ he said.

"It just shows you can’t have operations without consequences and probably, especially, with liposuction.
"She had an operation that, really, led to her death.’

The couple, who have two grown-up sons lived in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancs, where they ran a successful textile printing business.

When Mrs Bainbridge turned 50 she decided she wanted to slim down her legs as she was "pear shaped".
She wanted to wear trouser suits and had discussed the op with friends.

Mrs Bainbridge underwent the one hour procedure on July 20, was discharged the next day, and went to recuperate at the couple’s apartment in Manchester city centre.

But two days later she collapsed and was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary, where she suffered a series of heart attacks and died.

Tanveer Jaleel, partner and founder of TJL Solicitors, said people should consider any cosmetic operation very carefully before signing up for surgery.

‘The majority of cosmetic surgery operations are carried out safely and carefully in the UK, with good results for patients,’ he said.

‘But people should remember that operations like liposuction and tummy tucks may be advertised as ‘quick fixes’ but they are very invasive, serious procedures.

‘Anyone thinking of such an operation should do their research, find a good, qualified surgeon and weigh up all the risks before deciding to go ahead.’

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