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Mother Buys Cosmetic Surgery Vouchers for Christmas

January 21, 2013

Cosmetic Surgery Vouchers For Christmas…

A mother of three who has spent more than £250,000 on more than 100 procedures over 20 years, has revealed that she intended to buy her family cosmetic surgery vouchers for Christmas as well as designer clothes, bags, jewellery and ponies.Mother Buys Cosmetic Surgery Vouchers for Christmas

Self confessed cosmetic surgery addict Sarah Burge, who runs her own cosmetic surgery clinic, hit the headlines earlier this year when she revealed she had bought cosmetic surgery vouchers for her daughter Poppy’s eighth birthday. Now the former nurse has been back on TV this week to reveal the Christmas gifts her daughters Poppy, 8, Hannah, 18 and Charlotte, 27 will be receiving.

As Industry Leaders Claim Treatment Has Become Trivialised

The cosmetic surgery splurge was revealed when This Morning hosts Ruth and Ealmon asked Sarah if she thought planning to spend almost £20,000 on presents this year – including cosmetic surgery vouchers – was excessive; to which she replied ‘They are not spoiled, I have it under control’.
This example of a cosmetic surgery addict comes in the same week that Britain’s cosmetic surgeons have claimed cosmetic surgery has become trivialised by a celebrity culture and a ‘credit card philosophy’.
The claims made in The Times by Graeme Perks, who took over as president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (Bapras) this month, said that many surgeons had behaved liked used-car salesmen and some in the profession needed to rediscover a sense of morality.
Rajiv Grover, new president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, agreed that cosmetic surgery had become trivialised, adding: “The average patient spends longer choosing their bathroom tiles than they do choosing their surgeon”.
Their words come almost a year after the scandal over PIP breast implants, which have prompted a wide ranging government review into the regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry.
Figures released last week show that the NHS has now seen 7,917 of an estimated 40,000 women thought to have been given substandard implants by private clinics. So far 633 have decided to have the implants removed at public expense. A further 394 of the 833 women given PIP implants by the NHS after cancer surgery have also decided to have them taken out.
The French implants caused global concern after it was revealed they contained industrial silicone rather than medical-grade fillers and they may be more prone to rupture and leakage than other implants. While the expert committee set up to examine the specific risks associated with PIP implants concluded there was not enough evidence to recommend their early removal, it highlighted the need for tighter industry regulation.
Whilst PIP implants has hit the headlines in the UK, less than a fifth (16%) of all cosmetic surgery claims handled by Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors in the first half of 2012 were related to the highly publicised breast implant scandal.
Beyond breast augmentation, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has also seen a rise in cosmetic surgery claims across a range of popular treatment. A full list of our cosmetic claims range can be found by visiting our ‘what can I claim for area’.
About Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors
The Manchester based law firm, the first to establish a practice specialising in cosmetic surgery negligence, has successfully pursued legal claims for hundreds of men and women following failed cosmetic surgery procedures.


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