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Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Look out for in 2017

The New Year New You trend usually leads most people to sign up for a gym membership they will never use, start a new diet that won’t last the duration of January and pledge to give up those guilty pleasures. For people hoping to improve their appearance and work on their problem areas, this will often lead to enquiring about cosmetic surgery procedures to help speed on the results.

December 21, 2016

In 2017, we’re expecting to see a lot of people move away from invasive surgical procedures and towards non-invasive alternatives. Celebrities have paved the way for this trend, spurred on by reduced downtime and minimal scarring. So which non-surgical procedures will be popular in 2017?

Melt Away Double Chins

Kybella is a medicine injection that promised to melt away double chins by injecting secondary bile acids directly into the chin. These acids then eat away at the unwanted fat and leave the healthy cells untouched. It is quite an expensive procedure, but as it only involves injections, there is little to no downtime and the results are seen very quickly.

A New Kind Of Ice Sculpting

CoolSculpting is a process that allows for targeted fat reduction over larger areas. It was developed when scientists discovered that children who sucked ice lollies to help with teething pain developed dimples in their cheeks. It is a popular alternative to liposuction because it is much safer, doesn’t require anaesthesia and there’s no recovery time.

Vampire Facials

Microdermabrasion is out in favour of plasma-rich platelet treatments that involve extracting the patient’s blood, spinning it to extract the plasma-rich platelets and then injecting them back into the patient’s face to firm the skin and reveal a youthful glow.

BTL Vanquish ME

This body contouring treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat and eliminate fat cells over large areas of the body. It is completely non-invasive and doesn’t require any downtime. Treatments are typically carried out over four 45-minute sessions.

The problem with many of these quick fix treatments is that will need to be carried out by an experienced professional to be successful, so it’s only a matter of time before we start to see more clinical negligence claims arising from botched non-invasive procedures.

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