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Eight unusual cosmetic surgery trends

When you think of cosmetic surgery, you probably think of breast implants, rhinoplasty, maybe even liposuction – but what about the other more ‘niche’ procedures that are trending right now?

We look at the eight most unusual cosmetic surgeries people are asking for in 2017.


1. Six pack creation

Why hit the gym five times a week when a doctor can give you a six pack in a matter of hours? In recent years surgeons and patients alike have realised the contouring possibilities of liposuction.

Also known as ‘ab etching’, liposculpture is an advanced technique practised by a handful of plastic surgeons. The procedure involves sucking the fat out from around the abdominal muscular structure. Not for the faint of heart, this invasive procedure can have a recovery time of up to six months.


2. Nipple and areola reduction

Wide areolas or excessively long nipples can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. Affecting both men and women, disproportionate nipples and areolas can be caused by pregnancy, puberty, weight gain or simple bad luck of your genetics working against you.

Those affected can now pop down to their local cosmetic surgeon for a relatively quick and easy procedure. Nipples can be reduced by either cutting off the tip or removing some skin at the base of the nipple. And by removing a slim section from the outer circumference, areolas can be quickly shrunk for a more balanced appearance.


3. Belly button surgery

When is an innie not an innie? When it’s an outie.
Not only that, many outies are actually umbilical hernias – caused when part of the bowel pokes through an area near the belly button – and can leave some people feeling self-conscious. But fortunately turning an outie into an innie is no longer an impossibility.

By administering a small incision just above the belly button, surgeons can quickly disguise an unsightly hernia. The procedure can be performed on its own or as part of a larger operation, such as a tummy tuck, and is most frequently performed on women aged between 35-45.


4. Gummy smile repair

Self-conscious men and women can now beam in confidence with a new technique to end the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’.

Those with a fear of dentists can have their gums hidden from view with help from cosmetic surgeons. During the hour-long procedure, the surgeon makes a few small cuts in the muscles that lift up the lip inside the mouth. An implant is then inserted into the mouth to stop the muscles rejoining over time. With this in place, the gums remain carefully covered up.


5. Eyelash transplant

Like all the hairs on our body, eyelashes thin and fall out as we age. And makeup tricks with mascara, falsies or olive oil (which can help stimulate hair growth) are sometimes not enough to thicken, lengthen or regrow our eyelashes to our satisfaction.

But those lamenting the loss of their lashes now have an alternative – a hair transplant.

Individual hair follicular grafts from the scalp are implanted directly onto the eyelids in a procedure that takes up to four hours.

A small word of caution: transplanted hair keeps on growing, so make sure you keep your new long, luscious lashes trimmed and well groomed.


6. Bra-line back lift

Uncomfortable rolls of back fat are a common cause of frustration among women who want to show some skin in the summer or wear a tight fitting top with confidence. Recently, however, surgeons in America have discovered a new way to do away with the bulges poking out from under and over bra-lines.

In the bra-line back lift surgery sagging fat from the middle and upper back is cut away completely, and the remaining excess skin also removed. The thin scar left behind is then discreetly covered by the bra.


7. Upper lip lift

As we age, our upper lips lengthen as the skin between lip and nose loses elasticity. This droop can cause us to look older than we really are, more masculine, or give us a sullen, depressed appearance.

The upper lip lift goes some way to help turn back the wheels of time. The plastic surgeon makes an incision at the base of the nose and removes excess skin from the top lip. By then pulling the skin up to meet the incision under the nose, the sullen look is reduced. A typical procedure takes 45 minutes and has a recovery time of ten days.


8. Scrotox

With the rise of ‘manscaping’ (the trimming or removal of male pubic hair), it was perhaps only a matter of time before men turned their attention to what lay beneath.

Testicular botox, or ‘Scrotox’, is the latest cosmetic trend men are turning to in the pursuit of male grooming excellence. Used originally to prevent excessive sweating, Scrotox also helps to smooth out scrotum wrinkles, making each testicle appear larger.

During the procedure, Botox is injected directly into the testicle skin (not the testicle itself) in numerous areas to get an all-over smooth look, with the effect lasting up to four months.



July 18, 2017

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