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Facelift Cosmetic Surgery Which Went Wrong Left Woman House Bound

April 16, 2014

According to reports, a 57 year old woman from Herefordshire was left with both physical and psychological scars when her face collapsed following cosmetic surgery.
Yvonne, a retired nurse, spent thousands of pounds on a face and neck lift procedure in 2011 but became the victim of facelift cosmetic surgery negligence which left her with a pronounced sagging facial complexion.
Featured in the TV programme ‘Extreme Beauty Disasters’ on channel TLC, Yvonne underwent the cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance her facial features and reduce her wrinkles but was left worse off when her practitioner failed to complete the facelift procedure.
Wrongly treated with liposuction, it is reported it transpired that Yvonne suffered damage to her facial muscles due to the wrong treatment for her condition.
Revealing she became a recluse following her experience of facelift cosmetic surgery going wrong, Yvonne said: “’There’s no other way to describe it, really, other than a nightmare. I just don’t want this face. I had my eyes done, upper and lower, face and neck.  But less than a year later I seemed to have blinked and the facelift had gone.
“The neck had dropped, the chin had dropped and shortly after, the rest of face had gone too. It’s caused me so much stress, anxiety and heartache – you name it, I’ve been there this last couple of years or so because of this.”
Following her experience of facelift cosmetic surgery going wrong, Yvonne sought further treatment from her surgeon in order to achieve the look she craved. He wrongly explained that her disappointing results were due to the fact she chose not to have a Botox procedure at the same time as her facelift.
Respected cosmetic surgeon Dr Vik Vijh, who has dealt with Yvonne’s corrective treatment said: “Yvonne is a classic example of a patient who’s gone in looking for one type of operation and been given a different one. I can’t see that anyone’s touched the neck so that’s why it was back down within a month.
“When you get a patient like Yvonne, where they’ve had surgery but it’s not right, and you tell then it’s not right, the first emotion they have is relief that they’re not mad. But then that turns to anger as they realise they were lied to, as they realise that what they paid for isn’t what they’ve got.”
Revealing she requires another operation to lift the neck and plump up the skin with fat taken from another part of the body, Yvonne added: “I’m hoping that it’ll give me back some of the self-confidence that I’ve lost over the years.”
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