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Former model dies after Buttock lift

April 21, 2010

TJL Solicitors has warned against travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery after former Miss Argentina dies following buttock lift.

Cosmetic surgery negligence specialists, TJL Solicitors, yesterday warned against travelling abroad for operations after a former model died following a buttock lift.

Former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano, 38, was obsessed by keeping her youthful looks and wanted her bottom to appear firmer, friends said.

She underwent an operation, called a gluteoplasty, which involves injecting liquid into her behind.

It is an operation favoured by women who want fuller and firmer looking buttocks, hoping to look like stars such as Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce Knowles.

But the procedure lead to complications and she was admitted to hospital with severe breathing problems.

After spending three days in intensive care she died on Sunday November 29 from a blocked artery in her lung.

Fashion designer Roberto Piazza, a friend of Ms Magnano’s, said the mother-of-two, who had eight-year-old twins, had become obsessed with her looks as her successful modelling career approached it’s end.

He said: ‘Solange was a girl who had everything. She lived the life of a goddess, she was the envy of everybody.
‘Now she is dead because she wanted a slightly firmer behind.
‘She died because of her obsession with beauty.’

Ms Magano, who was crowned Miss Argentina in 1994, had previously undergone breast enhancement surgery after the birth of her twins.

Her death sparked a huge debate in Argentina , which has seen an influx of foreigners undergoing cosmetic surgery because prices are relatively cheap.

A spokesman for TJL Solicitors warned patients considering travelling abroad for cosmetic operations not to risk their health without doing their homework first.

‘People may be tempted to go for so-called cosmetic surgery holidays abroad, where prices are often cheaper,’ he said.

‘But by and large you get what you pay for. People need to be aware that the after-care people receive abroad may not be as thorough as in Britain and also surgeons may not be subject to such high standards or checks.

‘Patients should always investigate the surgeon who is carrying out their operation to be sure they wont end up a victim of plastic surgery negligence.

‘We have seen scores of cases where patients have suffered painful complications of surgery abroad and the NHS has been forced to pick the pieces on their return home.’

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