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Cosmetic Medical Negligence Claims

Compensation for Clinical Negligence with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

If a cosmetic surgical procedure or treatment goes wrong, it may be on account of a clinical mistake or medical accident which has been caused by the incompetence of a doctor, cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic clinic.

When a clinical mistake happens during cosmetic surgery then to make a successful negligence compensation claims you are best served by an expert team of clinical negligence solicitors as medical negligence claims can be complex and difficult to prove.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was established precisely for that reason; to help guide the victims of negligent cosmetic surgery through the arduous process of proving medical negligence. Our expertise and success over the last ten years mean we are now the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery legal practice and are the number one in claiming cosmetic surgery compensation whenever a medical mistake has been made.

Talk to us today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back so you can start your medical negligence compensation claim as soon as possible.

Talk to Michael Saul about Clinical Medical Negligence

All medical practitioners, including cosmetic surgeons, are obliged to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard their patients’ safety while they are in their clinical care.

To bring a successful claim for clinical negligence, it must be proved that the surgeon was at ‘fault’ during the cosmetic operation. If your cosmetic surgeon did not provide medical care that could be reasonably expected of a competent medical professional then the surgeon can be deemed to be at fault.

It must also be proved in a medical negligence claim after a bad cosmetic surgery that this ‘fault’ or incompetence caused the emotional suffering and physical pain that the clinical medical negligence patient is now suffering. This is called ‘avoidable harm’.

If you have suffered cosmetic surgery negligence at the hands of a surgeon who has acted in an incompetent manner, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Nothing can make up for the distress caused by a cosmetic procedure gone wrong, but cosmetic surgery compensation may enable you to start the process of recovery.

Your first step when you want to start a cosmetic negligence claim is to talk to Michael Saul at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors. Michael is the Head of the Cosmetic Claims team and has a decade’s worth of experience winning clinical negligence claims.

Talk to Michael on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of his expert medical negligence legal team so you can begin the negligence compensation claims process.

Clinical and Medical Negligence Claims at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have a success rate of over 95% of all clinical negligence claims cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence. We have recovered over £2.5 million in compensation for patients who’ve suffered medical negligence during our last decade of negligence compensation claims work.

Do you want to make a medical negligence claim?

If you want to make a negligence compensation claim then your best choice is to use the experience and expertise of Michael Saul, Head of Cosmetic Claims and his capable team of clinical negligence solicitors.

Start your claim to clinical negligence compensation by taking these four steps:

  1. Call our dedicated Clinical Negligence Claims team of medical negligence lawyers on 0800 634 0285
  2. Let one of our clinical medical negligence solicitors call you back when you’re ready and available to talk to them
  3. Explain to us how your medical negligence case went wrong and our experienced clinical negligence claims solicitors will go through your options for making a claim
  4. Once you give the go-ahead, our expert medical negligence cases solicitors will do the rest

Don’t Delay in Making a Clinical Negligence Claim

There are legal time limits to making a clinical negligence claim in England and Wales. You must normally make a compensation claim within 3 years of the date of a medical procedure happening or 3 years of the first symptoms of a cosmetic surgery gone wrong. So it is prudent to discuss your medical negligence case with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors as soon as possible when the details of your negligence compensation claim are still fresh in your mind.

The first step in the clinical negligence claims procedure is an examination done by an independent plastic surgeon. This cosmetic surgeon will be an expert in assessing the medical consequences when clinical medical negligence has occurred.

Detailed statements from the appropriate medical personnel are taken and full copies of your medical records are obtained to ascertain if your cosmetic surgery has been performed to an acceptable medical standard.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors will then work with you to prepare a medical negligence claim for financial compensation. If successful the final amount awarded to you may include compensation for a lowered quality of life that a bad cosmetic surgery has caused as well as for the immediate physical and emotional difficulties you have suffered.

In addition, our cosmetic medical lawyers can help you recover any financial costs you have incurred including loss of income due to the consequences of the medical negligence as well as surgery to correct the botched cosmetic operation.

We will work with you in a sympathetic manner during each step in this difficult process to make a successful medical negligence claim.

Call one of our expert cosmetic surgery solicitors dealing with medical negligence cases on 0800 634 0285 now.

No Win No Fee Medical Compensation Claim

Are you concerned about how your claim for medical negligence can be funded?

Our team of clinical and medical negligence solicitors work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. Also called a Conditional Fee Arrangement, the other side will pay both your deserved compensation and your legal costs if your clinical negligence claim is successful.  Even in the unlikely event of your claim being unsuccessful, you would not be liable for any of your solicitors’ costs.

There is therefore no financial risk to you and you can avail of Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors’ expert legal advice at no cost.

Call our Medical Negligence Claims team now on 0800 634 0285.

Medical Negligence Claims in Court

Some patients who have suffered medical negligence might be reticent in making a clinical negligence claim because they’re worried about appearing in a court room. The vast majority of clinical medical negligence claims are in fact won without our clients appearing in court.

For the very small minority of clinical negligence claims cases that do go to court, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are there with the victims of medical negligence for every step of the process, providing all the support you need to successfully pursue your deserved medical negligence claim for compensation.

Speak to us today on 0800 634 0285 to start the negligence compensation claims process.

Make a Medical Negligence Claim with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

We are the leading law firm dealing with clinical medical negligence in cosmetic surgery. With over ten years’ experience in medical negligence cases we have a fully warranted reputation for helping you receive the best possible outcome when you make a compensation claim for cosmetic surgery medical negligence.

Through its decade of complex cases dealing with negligent medical operations, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors understands just how cosmetic surgery gone wrong can result in terrible clinical negligence and how distressed it can leave the patient emotionally and physically.

For the best medical negligence advice, speak to Michael Saul today 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of his Clinical Negligence Claims team to start your medical negligence claim for compensation today.

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Please find a list of quick links to a number of key pages relating to surgery negligence that Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support when making a cosmetic surgery claim for negligence. These guides should provide you with information that will help you ascertain if you’ve been victim of cosmetic surgery negligence.

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