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Surgery Process Guide to Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) Surgery

Breast Implant Surgery Compensation Claims

Breast augmentation surgery, also referred to as breast enlargement or breast implant surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the UK by some distance. Female patients sometimes choose breast implant surgery for reconstructive purposes after illness or simply to enlarge or restore their breast size for cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors and Breast Augmentations

The popularity of breast enlargement in the UK continues to increase from an already high base. According to the Department of Health, 30,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed every year. But that increase in popularity has also meant increased breast enlargement negligence and over fifty percent of the negligent cosmetic surgery cases handled by us are instances of breast augmentation gone wrong.

With over ten years’ experience in the field of cosmetic surgery negligence, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors know how dreadful it can be if you’ve undergone a bad breast surgery and we know how to help you to make a claim for financial compensation.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was the first legal practice in England and Wales to be established specifically to help those suffering from negligent cosmetic surgery. Over the last decade, we have a 95% success rate in cosmetic surgery claims cases that were pursued after obtaining medical evidence. That success rate means that we have won over £2.5 million in compensation for the victims of cosmetic surgery negligence.

If you think you may have undergone a negligent breast enlargement, talk to us today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of our expert Cosmetic Claims team and start your claim for breast augmentation negligence.

The Breast Implant Surgery Procedure

As invasive procedures, breast augmentations are normally performed under general anaesthetic and on an outpatient basis. The operation to enlarge breast size usually takes between one and two hours to complete. It is quite common for patients having a breast enlargement to endure temporary swelling and bruising for several days after the surgery.

If your breast implant surgery proceeds as it ought to then the process for the breast enlargement should be like this:

  • The patient is given a general anaesthetic.
  • Once the general anaesthetic has taken effect, the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision behind each breast to create a pocket or space within the patient’s breast tissues for each breast implant.
  • In normal circumstances, the patient and cosmetic surgeon agree the type of breast augmentation incision to be used before the surgery. There are three main types of breast enlargement incision:
  • Inframmammary breast incision: The most commonly type of incision used in breast augmentation operations, this incision is made in the chest wall below the breast in the area known as the inframammary crease or fold.
  • Transaxillary breast incision: Typically, transaxillary incisions made during a breast enlargement procedure are in the upper outer region of each breast, close to the armpit or axilla.
  • Transumbillical breast augmentation incisions or TUBA necessitates the cosmetic surgeon to make an incision in the navel or umbilical area.
  • The breast implants to be used in a breast enlargement have a solid silicone outer shell filled by either silicone gel or saline which is salt water. The breast implants can be rounded or tear drop in shape which are often referred to as anatomical implants.
  • When the incision has been made, the patient’s breast tissue is raised so that the breast enlargement implant can be fitted into position. The breast augmentation implants are then placed in the pockets and positioned according to the appearance and symmetry desired by the patient. The breast implants are placed either in a submuscular fashion which is directly behind the outer layer of chest wall muscles or placed directly behind the breast tissue which is known as subglandular placement. With a submuscular placement the patient may take longer to recover and may also experience some more post-operative pain.
  • If the surgery is proceeding normally, after comparing both breasts to ensure that the implant placement is the one desired by the patient, the cosmetic surgeon closes the incisions with layered sutures in the breast tissue and with skin adhesives, sutures and surgical tape to close the skin and ensure it remains closed.

Was that how your breast augmentation surgery was performed?

If it didn’t proceed like that you may have suffered from a bad breast enlargement and you could be entitled to sizeable monetary compensation. Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are expert at managing cases of breast implant surgery negligence so talk to us today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from our specialist solicitors so you can make a claim for negligence in breast augmentation surgery.

Make a Claim When Your Breast Enlargement Goes Wrong

Have you suffered a breast enlargement gone wrong? Then you deserve the appropriate monetary compensation for everything you’ve had to endure. You can start your claim for recompense by calling Michael Saul, our Head of Cosmetic Claims, and following these simple steps:

  1. Speak to our expert breast augmentation claims team on 0800 634 0285
  2. We’ll call you back at a time that suits your busy schedule
  3. Talk to us about how your breast enlargement surgery went wrong and our experienced group of solicitors will identify your options for claiming compensation
  4. Our cosmetic medical negligence solicitors will be with you every step of the way

What Can Go Wrong with Breast Augmentations?

Even with a successful breast augmentation, there will be considerable swelling although this should subside within a few weeks. However, when a breast enlargement has gone wrong, the physical discomfort can be severe and the psychological damage wrought can depress the patient.

When a breast augmentation goes wrong, there are certain symptoms which can indicate a bad breast enlargement and they are:

  • The breast implant moving or rupturing
  • Breasts which are asymmetrical or sized differently
  • Breasts which are lop-sided
  • Breast nipples which are uneven
  • Sagging breasts or ptosis
  • Breasts with inappropriate scarring
  • Breast implants which stand too high, low or lateral
  • Breast implants which crisscross the centre of the chest known as uni-boob or symmastia
  • Breasts with a double mound appearance known as double-bubble or cottage loaf effect
  • Breast implants plunging to the bottom of the breast known as bottoming out

Speak to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors if you have any of these symptoms of a breast enlargement gone wrong. As experts in the breast surgery claims process we know exactly what you need to make a successful claim for compensation. Call us now on 0800 634 0285.

Financial Compensation for a Bad Breast Enlargement

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors leads the field when it comes to cosmetic surgery negligence in England and Wales. Our number one position comes from:

  • Over ten years’ experience of managing every type of case of cosmetic surgery gone wrong, including breast augmentation surgery negligence
  • Securing considerable financial compensation for victims of medical negligence on a No Win, No Fee arrangement
  • Answering all the questions you have about how to make a negligence claim and providing support to cosmetic surgery negligence victims throughout what can be a difficult claims process.

Have you undergone a bad breast enlargement surgery? If you have then call us now on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul or one of the expert breast surgery claims team and you can start your claim today.

Cosmetic Surgery Process Guides

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has surgery process guides for other frequent types of cosmetic surgery negligence like the following:

Breast Surgery Cosmetic Claims Guides

Please find a list of quick links to a number of key topics relating to breast surgeries that Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support with making a claim for negligence. These guides should provide you with information that will help you ascertain if you’ve been victim of cosmetic surgery negligence.

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