Breast implants cosmetic surgery, also referred to as breast augmentation  or breast enlargement, is a highly popular procedure undertaken by women seeking to achieve increased confidence, self-esteem and femininity.

Breast implant surgery is an invasive procedure performed under general anaesthetic and is sometimes combined with breast uplift or breast reduction cosmetic surgery and usually takes between one and two hours to complete.

During a breast implant procedure an incision is most commonly made in the inframammary crease and the breast tissue is lifted either directly behind the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle before saline or silicone implants are then centred beneath the nipples of the patient.

What happens in instances when breast implant surgery goes wrong

At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors we are highly experienced in breast implant surgery claims and know exactly what to look for.

Below is a list of typical problems associated with breast implant surgery going wrong which indicate the occurrence of breast implant surgery negligence:

Breast sagging, also called “ptosis”


Infection, including Toxic Shock Syndrome—when during breast implant surgery, wounds are contaminated with micro-organisms, such as bacteria or fungi

Distortion and hardening of the breast, caused by tightening of the tissue over the implant (capsular contracture)

Implant slippage, movement or rupture

Problems with implant placement or the creation of the ‘pockets’ for the implants, causing one or both implants to sit too high, low or laterally

Lop-sided or different sized breasts (asymmetry)

Inappropriate or unsightly scarring, above or below the fold beneath the breast

Loss of sensation or numbness

Implants crossing over in the centre of the chest (symmastia or uni-boob). This is a rare complication generally caused by over dissection of the tissues in the area

“Double-bubble” or “cottage loaf” effect, where the breast has a double instead of single mound appearance. This happens due to problems with implant pockets, causing the implant to sit too high with the breast tissue falling away beneath

“Bottoming out” – this is a problem which occurs when the implant falls to the bottom of the breast. This can be caused by the use of implants which are too large and/or by failure to reinforce the implant pocket

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Breast implant claims can net large sums of compensation

For any of the examples of breast implant surgery gone wrong detailed above, you should contact us immediately to discuss making a breast implant surgery claim.

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