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Surgery Process Guide to Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

“Most patients are suitable candidates for transaxillary breast augmentation.” – Dr. Carman, Cosmetic Surgery Times

Transaxillary breast enlargements involve an incision being made in the upper outer region of each breast, close to the armpit. The scar is generally not visible, even with the arm raised.


Your surgeon will give you a general anaesthetic to last the entire surgery length.


Next, your surgeon will create a tiny incision in the upper outer region of both breasts. Many would call this area of the body the armpit. This is done so that the scar is hard to be seen, even with the arm lifted.


The implant is then slotted into place, fixed in the breast below the pectoral muscle. 


The incisions on outer breast regions are then closed with stitches.

Complications / Negligence Signs

Visible implants – creases or ripples from the implant can sometimes be seen underneath the breast skin. This is more common in women who had very small breasts to begin with.


Capsular contracture- abnormal scar tissue forming around the implant. This can be painful, and in some cases you may need another operation to treat it. 

Surgical Risks

This procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic, meaning that there are several serious associated risks. However, these are very rare (typically, these risks will occur one case in every 10,000). 

These complications can include:

-Anaphylaxis (a harmful reaction to the anaesthetic)

Inherited reaction to the anaesthetic

In extremely rare cases, death (approx. 1 death for every 100,000 general anaesthetics given).

These problems are more likely to arise if:

you are undergoing emergency surgery

you have other illnesses 

you are a smoker

you are overweight 

Your surgeon should talk you through these risks before your operation. 


Before proceeding with any cosmetic surgery procedure, there are a number of crucial considerations that must be made regarding both the psychological and financial consequences. To familiarise yourself with them, read the S.A.F.E Choice Guide here. 

Questions & Concerns

Has your cosmetic surgery left you with questions and conerns about the success of your procedure?

Do you think you may have been a cosmetic surgery negligence? Our specialist solicitors may be able to start a claim for you.

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