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Claims for Negligent Brow Lift Surgery Compensation

Make a claim for Brow Lift Negligence with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.

A Browlift is a cosmetic surgery procedure, which aims to smoothen out the area above the eyes, returning it to a more youthful and refreshed look. The process consists of repositioning the eyebrows and reducing the sagging skin found on the upper eyelids, eyebrows and forehead.

Brow lift surgery rose by approx 17% in the latest figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs), the largest industry body in the UK. That encompassed 2,138 brow lift surgeries, placing forehead lifts in the top ten of cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the UK annually. This follows on the back of dramatic rises in the popularity of a brow lift in recent years.

The type of brow lift surgery chosen will depend on your skin type and the location of the hairline.  The two main types of surgery include:

  1. Open Brow Lift (Classic Brow Lift)

An open brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure whereby an incision is made from one ear to another along the hairline, in order for sagging skin to be removed.

  1. Endoscopic Brow Lift

A cosmetic procedure performed on the forehead to correct sagging skin.

The Brow Lift Procedure

A brow lift is usually performed under general anaesthetic and raises the brow itself, tightening the muscles which have been stretched over time. It also involves removing any loose skin in the area and reducing excess fatty tissue. A forehead lift is sometimes performed in conjunction with other procedures such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.

A brow lift should take between one and two hours to complete, depending on the technique used.

If the surgery has been a success, the patient can benefit hugely. When it goes wrong however, we understand how distressing the consequences can be.

When Brow Lift Surgery Goes Wrong

Brow lift surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures, and it is very rare for things to go wrong. However, it does happen. Unfortunately, the rise in demand for cosmetic surgery has led to a number of substandard procedures being performed. Where this has occurred, you may be eligible for compensation. Indications of possible brow lift negligence include:

  • Asymmetric looking eyebrows
  • Nerve damage or numbness
  • Impaired eyebrow movement
  • Wrinkles or creases returning after a short period

A brow lift is a common procedure and complications are rare, but when surgery goes wrong, it can result in significant problems for the patient. If your procedure has gone wrong, and it has been caused as a result of negligence, then our solicitors can claim for brow lift compensation on your behalf. Any award given can go towards rehabilitation, or further surgery to help correct the damage.

Talk to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Today

As a UK law firm leading in the field of cosmetic surgery negligence, we have a deserved reputation for delivering the best possible results for the many patients we deal with, who have suffered from surgical negligence.

We can answer any question you have about brow lift negligence claims and we will support you through what can be an emotionally exhausting process.

If you’ve been a victim of a forehead lift surgery going wrong, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can identify the impact caused by the negligent procedure and secure substantial compensation for the pain you’ve suffered.

Speak to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today on 0808 252 7174 or request a call back from one of our experienced solicitors.

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