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Chin Implant Surgery Compensation Claims

Mentoplasty Negligence in the UK

A chin implant operation, chin augmentation or mentoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reshape or enhance the size of a patient’s chin. Done either by inserting a chin implant or by moving or reshaping facial bones, cosmetic chin surgery is popular with patients who feel that their chin is not shaped in the way they would like related to the rest of the face.

The chin implant surgery changes the underlying structure of the face in an attempt to provide better balance to the patient’s facial features. The chin augmentation operation is often performed at the same time as a nose job or rhinoplasty to try and balance the facial proportions.

If your chin implant surgery has gone wrong then talk to us today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back to discuss how we can help you with your negligent mentoplasty.

Chin Augmentation or Mentoplasty Procedures

Chin implants have become popular among men and women in the UK with a 50 percent increase in chin augmentations since 2010. Patients undergoing chin implant surgery take on the operation because they have a weak or receding chin that makes them feel overly self-conscious. They hope that a chin implant will balance their facial features and produce a significant change in their facial profile. Chin reduction surgery is also a similar option for patients who would prefer their jaws to be less prominent in their facial profile.

Alongside the increase in chin implants has come an accompanying rise in chin augmentation compensation claims for negligent chin implant surgical operations. If you need to make a claim for plastic surgery compensation, call Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of our expert plastic surgery lawyers to start the clinical negligence compensation claims process.

Chin Implant Claims at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

Over ten years ago, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was dedicated to helping victims of cosmetic surgery negligence and over that decade’s worth of experience we have an outstanding rate of success.

In 95% of the clinical negligence claims cases we have pursued after obtaining medical evidence, our clients have been awarded over £2.5 million in compensation when they’ve been victims of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

You can depend on the expertise and experience of our committed no win no fee solicitors when you make a plastic surgery negligence compensation claim.

If you think that you are a victim of chin augmentation negligence, then talk to us today and follow these four steps to make a claim:

  1. Call our expert Chin Implant Claims team on 0800 634 0285
  2. Ask for a call back at a time that suits you and your schedule
  3. Tell how your chin implants procedure went wrong and allow our experienced legal team provide you with your claim options
  4. Our dedicated cosmetic medical negligence solicitors will do the rest

The Chin Implant Surgical Procedure

Normally a chin implant procedure takes up to an hour and the patient is put under general anaesthetic for the duration of the operation.

The chin implants used in a mentoplasty are normally made of silicone or Gore-Tex and are normally custom-fitted to the configuration of the patient’s face.

The cosmetic surgeon makes an incision underneath the chin or inside the patient’s mouth where their gum and lower lip meet. By gently stretching this tissue, the cosmetic surgeon creates a pocket front of the chin bone and under the muscles where a chin implant can be inserted and positioned in front of the jawbone. The implant is usually attached to the bone with sutures or screws. Once this is done, sutures are used to close the incision

Did your recent chin augmentation leave you unhappy with the results?

If so, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are highly experienced in chin implant negligence claims and know exactly how to deal with negligent chin augmentation surgery. Call us today on 0800 634 0285 for more information on how you can make chin implant surgery claim for compensation.

When your Chin Implant Surgery Has Gone Wrong

Following the chin augmentation, the patient will have some swelling and experience some tenderness. A liquid and soft food diet may be required to limit chewing for a few days after the chin implants are inserted. The swelling will normally go down after a few weeks.

However, if your chin implant surgery hasn’t produced the results you were expecting, then you may have been subject to cosmetic surgery negligence on the part of your plastic surgeon or clinic. Indications that a negligent chin augmentation procedure has occurred can include:

  • Displacement of the chin implant after cosmetic surgery
  • Asymmetry of the face after the chin augmentation
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of sensation
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Inappropriate scarring

If any of these indications of chin implant negligence have happened to you, you may be able to make a claim for financial compensation.  Speak to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back to start your chin implant negligence claim.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors and Successful Compensation Claims

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was one of the first law firms to set up a specialist plastic surgery negligence legal practice in England and Wales over ten years ago. We are dedicated to helping victims of cosmetic surgery negligence who have suffered unnecessarily due to errors by plastic surgeons or clinics.

We are now the leading UK cosmetic surgery negligence claims solicitors and are driven to bring cosmetic medical claims for compensation to a successful conclusion.

If you want to make a successful claim for compensation after having endured cosmetic surgery negligence, call Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors on 0800 634 0285 now.

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