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Dental Extraction Claims (Wrong Tooth Pulled)

Having a Tooth Removed Can Cause Clinical Negligence

Dental extraction, having a tooth removed, is a particularly common dental treatment. It is performed for a variety of reasons, from incorrectly aligned wisdom teeth to unfixable dental damage. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic but is a standard dental practice and not a particularly complicated procedure.

Despite its lack of complication however increasingly, negligent dental extraction cases are becoming more common. Substantial compensation can be awarded if an error has been made by your dentist. A UK firm of dental negligence solicitors can make a dental extraction claim for you to provide some much needed financial respite from your pain.

A Bad Visit to the Dentist

Nobody enjoys visiting the dentist but it is an essential task. If regular dental checkups are performed by a competent dentist then the amount of dental work required can normally be kept to a minimum. If regular dental checkups are not maintained however, a person may have to undergo more serious dental surgery and this can involve fillings, extractions and even root canals if the situation has progressed poorly.

Although in most cases dental procedures including dental extraction are increasingly safe and effective, human errors can still be made and an example of this is when the wrong tooth is extracted. The patient is then left with a physical and emotional burden when their dental procedure goes wrong.

When your dental extraction disappoints, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors understands how badly you can feel physically and mentally when dentistry goes wrong. We can help you if you have had a bad dental extraction procedure or any other negligent dental surgery. Speak to us now on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back at a time that suits you.

Dental Extraction Negligence Claims with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

As the first law firm in England and Wales set up to help victims of cosmetic and dental negligence, we have been very successful at making dental claims. Our clients have been awarded over £2.5 million in compensation for negligent cosmetic procedures including dental surgeries. To find out how to be compensated for the dental extraction pain that you’ve had to undergo, follow these simple steps to start your claim:

  1. Speak to our expert dental extraction claims team on 0800 634 0285
  2. Request a call back for a time that suits you and your schedule
  3. Tell us the details of your dental extraction gone wrong and Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors will inform you as to your options
  4. Our firm of dental negligence solicitors will do the rest

What Can Go wrong with Dental Extractions?

While dental extraction is a fairly simple procedure, there can be possible complications if the dental procedure is incompetently done by your dentist. As fully trained professionals, dentists have a clear responsibility to perform the best possible dental surgery. If they are negligent in any way and remove the wrong tooth for example then you could make a claim against them for any costs and pain that you incur.

If the dental extraction goes wrong the results can be very hard for the patient. The consequences of negligent dental extraction can include the following:

  • nerve damage, resulting in a loss of dental mobility or sensation. This damage may prevent the victim from experiencing proper function across their head, from the eyes to the mouth, and may be permanent, with some patients unable to properly chew due to dental damage, along with periodic pain in the affected region.
  • the development of an oroantral fistula when the upper teeth are operated on. This is a bridge between the dental surgery’s location and the sinus which may require further surgery.
  • removal of the wrong tooth
  • wrongful removal of too many teeth

These symptoms indicate that you have suffered negligent dental extraction and that a dental negligence claim should be made. If you’ve had bad dental surgery, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors know exactly what to look for to help you make a successful claim for compensation so call us today on 0800 634 0285.

Call Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors for the Help You Need

We are the top firm of dental negligence solicitors in the UK with an unrivalled reputation when it comes to delivering the best results for the many who have had to suffer negligent tooth extraction.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can help victims of dental negligence by securing appropriate compensation for the pain and discomfort undergone.

If you’re a victim of a dental surgery gone wrong, we can support you through what is often a complicated and difficult experience.

For any questions you may have about the dental negligence claims process, speak to our expert dental negligence solicitors now on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from one of our dedicated Dental Negligence Claims team.

Dental Negligence Claims

Please find a list of quick links to a number of key topics relating to dental negligence that Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support when making a claim for negligence. These guides should provide you with information that will help you ascertain if you’ve been victim of cosmetic surgery negligence.

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