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Hair Surgery Claims

Financial Compensation When Hair Transplants Go Wrong

Cosmetic surgery involving hair transplantation is a growing plastic surgery popular with men and women suffering substantial hair loss. The hair surgery involves extracting hairs a donor site on the patient’s head to a recipient site on a bald or balding part of the head.

It takes a considerable financial investment to undergo hair restoration surgery and the patient has a right to expect professional and competent cosmetic medical care from the hair surgeon or clinic.

Sometimes however negligence does occur during hair surgery and the patient is left with little choice but to contact specialist hair negligence claims solicitors with experience in claiming compensation for failed hair surgery.

To claim hair surgery compensation speak to us on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul, Head of our Cosmetic Claims department.

How Does Hair Loss Happen?

Hair loss can be due to medical conditions like alopecia or because of stress although the vast majority of people lose large amounts of hair because of male and female pattern baldness which is a genetic condition.

When hair begins to thin considerably, men and women’s mental state can be badly affected as hair is sometimes considered an essential part of identity. Female hair loss can be particularly damaging emotionally as a woman’s hair is seen as an important part of feminine self-regard while baldness in men can lead to real insecurity when a full head of hair represents youth and vitality to society.

If you think you’ve suffered hair surgery negligence, then talk to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors now about making a hair surgery claim on 0800 634 0285.

How Hair Surgery Works

There are two choices to make when considering having a hair surgery performed. The first method of hair restoration is Strip Harvesting and the second Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Strip harvesting involves removing a strip of the patient’s scalp before stitching back up the wound. The strip which has been removed is then divided into smaller pieces called grafts which are then transplanted onto the area of thinning hair.

Follicular unit extraction involves removing individual follicles of hair before reinserting them back into the scalp using a micro blade.

Whichever method is chosen, hair restoration surgery is normally performed on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthetic and can take place over many hours depending on the number of hair grafts that have to be made.

Do you think your hair surgeon may have made an error during your hair loss surgery?

Call us today on 0800 634 0285 for specialist hair surgery claims advice.

Make a Claim for Negligent Hair Surgery

If you feel that you have suffered because of a cosmetic hair procedure that has gone wrong, do not delay in contacting Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.

We understand how debilitating a failed hair transplant can be so our hair surgery claims team will work with you to ensure a positive compensation result from a negative medical position.

Discuss the potential negligence of your hair transplant with Michael Saul and his hair surgery claims team. Their expertise has recovered over £2.5 million in compensation for the victims of cosmetic surgery gone wrong over the past decade so you’re in expert hands.

Follow these simple steps to start your claim for negligent hair surgery now:

  1. Call our expert Hair Surgery Claims team on 0800 634 0285
  2. Let us call you back at the most suitable time for you
  3. Tell us all the details of your hair transplant gone wrong and our experienced hair surgery negligence solicitors will advise of how you could claim hair surgery compensation
  4. Our specialist hair surgery lawyers will take it from there

Has your Hair Transplant Failed?

Inappropriate scarring from where the hair was taken can indicate that a claim for negligent hair surgery may be made.

If you’ve suffered such negligence during or after hair restoration surgery then speak to the hair surgery claims experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors. Contact our hair surgery solicitors on 0800 634 0285 to make a hair transplant surgery claim when your hair loss procedure has failed.

Call Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Today for Hair Surgery Claims Advice

If your hair surgery has resulted in hair transplant negligence then you should talk to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors.

We are one of the foremost UK cosmetic surgery law firms and we can deliver for you when it comes to hair surgery compensation claims.

If you’ve had the misfortune to undergo a negligent hair surgery then we will support you throughout the difficult process of making a successful claim for hair surgery compensation.

To start your claim for negligence during or after hair surgery call Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors now on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul or one of his no fee no win hair surgery solicitors.



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