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Surgery Process Guide to Face Fat Transfer

“Fat grafting has become a popular procedure for facial reconstruction… [however] the long-term results remain debatable.” – eMedicine, Thomas J Gampper, MD, FACS

This body contouring technique uses a procedure similar to liposuction. Fat is removed from an area of your body (such as the buttocks) under local anaesthetic, filtered and then injected into the areas of the face which have lost volume.


Your surgeon will give you local anaesthetic to the part of your body from which the fat cells will be removed. 


As with all organic fat transplants, the removed fat is filtered to get rid of any unhealthy tissues.


The healthy fat is then injected into areas of the face which have lost volume. You will have local anaesthetic applied to the areas of the face receiving the transplant.

Complications / Negligence Signs

You may experience ‘overfill’, where too much fat is injected into the face. With time, the grafted fat can grow, resulting in the face appearing heavy and distorted.


Although rare, blood clots could occur; both at the treated location (the face) or the donated area.


Temporary bruising and swelling.

Surgical Risks

Generally, local anaesthetic is safe however it does possess several associated risks including;

  • Haematoma
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nerve Injury
  • Infection
  • Ischemic necrosis (a restriction to the blood cells, causing a group of cells to die).

Read the S.A.F.E. Choice Guide for key information, including advice and guidance on the things you need consider before deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery.  

Questions & Concerns

Has your cosmetic surgery left you with questions and conerns about the success of your procedure?

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