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Surgery Process Guide to Laser Liposuction

“Liposuction is the most heavily requested treatment in the world.” – ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) 

Instead of using the cannula (small plastic tube) to remove fatty cells from under the skin, a laser is built into the tube, which, once inserted, melts the fat away. Once the fat has been melted, it is drained via either incisions or it is suctioned away. 


As with all liposuction procedures, your surgeon will mark the area being treated with a pen.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step

You will then be injected with a local anaesthetic to numb the area being treated.


The surgeon will then make tiny incisions and insert a fibre optic laser into your skin.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step

The beam from the laser breaks down the fat cells and turns them in to liquid. This is removed by low level suction.


Any liquefied fat that remains will naturally be processed by your body.

Cosmetic Surgery Technique Step
Complications / Negligence Signs

Severe bruising around the treatment area.

Cosmetic Surgery Complication
Cosmetic Surgery Complication

Bumpy asymmetric skin – certain parts of the treatment area may become bumpy. You may need more surgery to rectify this. 

Surgical Risks

There is a very minor chance the internal organs can be damaged during the procedure. However, please note that this is very rare.


This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic, and so carries some risk. However, this is very rare. Risks can include:

  • Haematoma
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nerve Injury
  • Infection
  • Ischemic necrosis (a restriction to the blood cells, causing a group of cells to die).
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If you would like more information regarding the key considerations to think about before undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure, please read the S.A.F.E Choice Guide.

Questions & Concerns

Has your cosmetic surgery left you with questions and conerns about the success of your procedure?

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