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Vaginoplasty Claims

Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure which aims to both tighten and strengthen the vaginal muscles, the perineum and the tissues surrounding the vaginal area. This tightening procedure creates more strength and control in the vaginal muscles, heightening your sensitivity and sexual experiences.



The procedure of vaginoplasty involves the tightening and shortening of vaginal and pelvic muscles as well as the removal of excess skin. Any scarring will be internal. You may be asked to stay in hospital overnight depending on the type of anaesthetic you are given.


More About Vaginoplasty Claims Cosmetic Surgery and Vaginoplasty Claims Negligence

Vaginal Tightening

Vaginoplasty surgery, also known as vaginal tightening or sometimes referred to as a ‘designer vagina’ procedure, aims to tighten and shorten the vaginal and pelvic muscles and to remove any excess skin so that the vaginal area appears and feels tighter. It is also claimed that a vaginoplasty will enhance sexual gratification. Age, multiple births, the menopause or genetic anomalies can all cause vaginal laxity and women may request vaginal tightening trying to restore their genital area to functional and visual normality.

A legal firm of cosmetic surgery solicitors can make a vaginoplasty negligence claim on your behalf if your cosmetic surgeon or clinic has made an error in procedure during a vaginal tightening gone wrong. You may be awarded substantial financial compensation to aid in your recovery from the ordeal a bad vaginoplasty surgery has put you through.

Cosmetic Genital Procedures More Popular Among Young Women

Vaginoplasty procedures are growing in popularity with UK women who have experienced childbirth and as a consequence their vaginal muscles have become weak and loose. It has also become more popular among younger women seeking to modify their genital appearance in what appears to be fashionable pubic hair removal amongst women. The NHS in England for example reported a rise in cosmetic genital procedures from 500 in 2001 to over 2,000 in 2010.

Despite the varying rationale for undergoing a vaginoplasty, there are now more instances where vaginal tightening has gone wrong in the UK. If you feel your vaginoplasty has gone wrong, then you should contact Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today. We are the first legal practice in England & Wales set up for victims of cosmetic surgery negligence. Call us on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul, Partner and Head of our Cosmetic Negligence department or one of his team of expert solicitors.

Vaginoplasty Surgery

Vaginoplasty surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic and mostly takes in the region of one hour to perform. During the procedure the stretched pelvic floor muscles and ligaments at the back of the patient’s vagina are pulled together and the cosmetic surgeon removes any excess skin and vaginal lining which helps to tighten the vaginal structures.

Vaginal tightening is normally completed without any issue but when a bad vaginoplasty occurs, the patient can be left very disappointed. With our years of experience, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors recognise the indications of negligent vaginoplasty surgery. We know how to deal with vaginal tightening negligence claims and to see how to make a claim with us, read below.

Claim with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors for Vaginoplasty Negligence

The clients of Michael Saul and his team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have received over £2.5 million financial compensation subsequent to cosmetic surgery going wrong. Call us today if you think that you are a victim of vaginoplasty negligence, and take these simple steps to make a claim:

  1. Speak to our experienced vaginoplasty claims team on 0800 634 0285
  2. Request a call back at a time that suits you and your schedule
  3. Tell us the details of your vaginal tightening gone wrong and let our expert legal team provide you with your options
  4. Our dedicated cosmetic medical negligence solicitors will do the rest

Has Your Vaginal Tightening Gone Wrong?

A vaginoplasty procedure is supposed to tone the vaginal muscles and result in greater strength, contraction and control. However, as vaginal tightening is an invasive procedure, it is common place for women to feel some pain and discomfort for several weeks following a vaginoplasty surgery.

If you think however that the results of your vaginal tightening are less than you expected, the following complications may indicate that you are a victim of vaginoplasty going wrong. The problems that point to vaginal tightening negligence can include:

  • Excessive tightening of the vagina
  • Inappropriate Scarring

We have many years experience and expertise in sensitively identifying instances where vaginoplasty procedures have gone wrong and helping clients to make successful vaginoplasty surgery claims. Talk to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors’ specialist vaginoplasty surgery solicitors on 0800 634 0285 to make a vaginal tightening surgery claim for compensation.

Talk to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Today

We are the leading UK cosmetic surgery law firm and Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have an unrivalled reputation for the best possible results for patients who’ve suffered vaginoplasty negligence. We can help you secure financial compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured because of a negligent vaginoplasty.

We can answer any questions you may have about vaginal tightening procedures going wrong and are there to support you sensitively through a difficult process. Speak to Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors today on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from Michael Saul or one of his experienced vaginoplasty surgery negligence claims team.

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