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2016 and Cosmetic Surgery: What to Expect

January 29, 2016

The cosmetic surgery industry shows no signs of slowing down this year with more new surgical and non-surgical treatments gaining in popularity. It is common knowledge today that surgery is now more affordable and accessible to the masses. Acceptance for going under the knife continuing to blossom due to the image conscious, social media led generation that is amongst us. With heightened promotion for procedures and consistent celebrity coverage on work performed, we are seeing an increase in the number of people wanting to enter into surgery.

But what can we expect to see differently this year? We take a look at what is set to become big business for the market over the next year.

Breast Reductions

The era of the bigger the better is over. When it comes to breasts this year, we are likely to see a boom in reductions.

With the industry still recovering from the scandal caused by the French company, Poly Implant Prothèse in 2010 (which saw that its implants were deemed unsafe for the human body) we have gradually seen the demand for implants dip. According to a report by BAAPS, they recorded a decline of 23% in the demand for enhancements in 2014.
That being said, with celebrities such as Katie Price publically announcing their breast surgery reverse and other big names such as Kim Kardashian shining light on vampire enhancements, we’re now finally moving away from big implants and seeing an increased demand for a more natural look.

Safety in Surgery

Arguably the biggest change we’ll see this year is the pursuit for stricter regulation of the industry. Currently, any doctor that is qualified can perform cosmetic surgery without undertaking further training or qualifications. This is a scary thought when you consider the complexity of the treatments and it is no wonder why there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery claims. The positive news this year however is that a bid will be placed by the Royal College of Surgeons to regulate cosmetic surgery. It is their hope that a certification system will be established, where surgeons need to demonstrate that they can meet the standards put in place.

A campaign has also been launched by BAPRAS (The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons), called Think Over Before You Make Over. This again is in aid of raise awareness, urging people to make more informed choices and not be swayed by low costs or currently popularity.

The Jab to Remove the Flab

Rumoured to be the game changer this year, expect to see the entrance of an injectable treatment called Kybella. An injection to remove ‘double chins’, it consists of deoxycholic acid which, when injected, dissolves fat and breaks it down into small particles, which are absorbed into the body.

Its main use will be focused towards small areas of flab such as double chins for people who want to emphasize their jawline and remove the unflattering area. There are also other possibilities of insertion for the fat around the knees, arms or even folds created by clothing.

Subtle Touch Ups

Having less obvious facial treatments is a definite trend for 2016 as Brits are looking to subtle changes to get the results they want. We will see a boom in people looking to undergo minor cosmetic procedures, that more of than not, they will only notice themselves as a way to clear up their perceived imperfections.

Many women however want to avoid the knife altogether, hence the constant evolution of non-surgical facelifts. Starting in the early months of the year, UK cosmetic surgery giant Transform, is offering a new treatment called Silhouette Soft. This involves numbing one’s face before dissolvable threads are injected and used to lift specific areas. Predicted to be highly popular, giving those wanting a lifted, redefined face without the need to enter into a full surgical facelift.

Pensioners Seeking Procedures

According to a recent report in the telegraph, it has interestingly been revealed that the older generation will be much more likely to spend their well earned pension money on going under the knife. With its previous taboo deteriorating, the desire of re-capturing a youthful, fresh faced look will continue to grow as the over 55’s seek to escape the tired looking effects of age.

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