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‘Bargain’ Cosmetic Surgery – would you pay less?

November 5, 2014

Today we are discussing ‘bargain’ cosmetic surgery. Has your decision for cosmetic surgery been swayed by a low price? Would you fly abroad for cheaper cosmetic surgery? 

shutterstock_174909758At the start of this year it was reported that nearly 1/3 of all people who opted for cosmetic surgery travelled abroad to receive treatment, with its promises of lower costs and exotic locations. In fact, the term ‘medical tourism’ was coined because of its popularity.

However, nearly 50% of these patients weren’t happy with their results, and a disturbing 1/5 sought corrective treatment upon returning home. 

If you’re thinking about travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery because of low cost associations be sure you have made an informed and considered decision. 

“People can be lured in by the financial costs they may be saving – but often forget the potential cost to their health and safety,” comments Mike Saul, head of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence here at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors. 

Luxurious adverts promoting an exotic location – a gorgeous beach, a pool-side all-inclusive hotel –  can sometimes be misleading; “You won’t be relaxing by the pool, you will be in a hospital bedroom recovering,” says Mike. 

Of course, not all surgeons abroad should be avoided, it’s a matter of choosing your surgeon very carefully. 

Our tips for choosing a surgeon abroad

It’s imperative to keep a level, rational head when weighing up your decision. Always sleep on the decision you come to, and assess it with a fresh mind the following morning. Your gut instinct will clarify more than you think. 

Most importantly, extensive research on both the surgeon and the clinic is absolutely vital to help self guard yourself against negligence. 

Consider this; although you may be saving money now, could you afford corrective surgery if you needed it? With one fifth of patients needing corrective surgery following cosmetic surgery abroad, it’s wise to seriously consider factoring in a cost to cover this, so that your finances aren’t ruptured at a later date. 

Bargain surgery in the UK 

You’ll also find ‘bargain’ offers, like buy-one-get-one-free cosmetic surgery deals offered in the UK. 

“It can be tricky, but try to look past the financial ‘gain’ the offer is promoting, and focus on your well-being,” comments Mike Saul.

If a clinic is offering six treatments for the price of three, for example, research how many treatments you think you need. Don’t be fooled into becoming a product of a marketing ploy which ultimately may not offer you the solution you need.

If you think you have suffered at the hands of a negligent cosmetic surgeon abroad, or in the UK, you may have grounds to make a cosmetic surgery negligence claim. To speak with an expert about starting your claim, call us free on 0800 634 0285. Alternatively, we can arrange a call back at a time to suit you, just fill in a call back request form. 

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