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Would a Cosmetic Surgery App encourage you to go under the knife?

In recent months, there have been a slew of mobile phone and tablet apps released, that allow the user to see what they may look like, post cosmetic surgery. But what effect is this likely to have on the cosmetic surgery industry and patient’s attitudes towards surgery?


February 16, 2016

Some of these body sculpting apps, including one in particular called “Mod Your Bod”, created by American plastic surgeon Dr. Navin Singh, allow you to contact the clinic or surgery directly through the app itself. Should you wish to go forward with a procedure, or find out more information, you can also book a consultation.


Whilst there may be an element of these apps that are purely intend for fun, industry associates have speculated whether or not they are diluting the seriousness of going under the knife. The apps tend to work by simply dragging the finger tips across the screen, which allows you to manipulate the desired area of your body, making the contours of the body either bigger, or smaller.


One of the biggest problems with this technology, is that the end results will be extremely unrealistic, giving people false hope of how their bodies can potentially look after surgery. For example, a patient using the app to augment the shape of their nose, can change the shape beyond what a surgeon could actually achieve, in lieu of multiple surgeries, or in some cases what the surgeon could achieve at all.


Cosmetic surgery of any kind continues to be a process that a patient should put a lot of thought and consideration into and choosing to have a procedure should not be taken lightly. It could be speculated that the circulation of apps such as these not only “normalise” surgery, but can give prospective patients unrealistic expectations of what surgery can attain. These factors can ultimately lead to potential body dysmorphia, low self esteem and depression.


Before any procedure, always ensure that your expectations are managed, so that you are not unhappy with the end result.


Anyone who is considering enhancing their body in any way should always consider all of the potential risks and complications of the procedure beforehand. Any qualified consultant has a legal responsibility to warn you of these risks prior to you consenting to the procedure. Should they not, and something goes wrong, it could be seen as negligence.


If you have suffered as a result of cosmetic surgery, or you feel that you were not properly informed prior to the procedure taking place, our cosmetic surgery solicitors may be able to help. For more information, contact us on 0808 256 1632.

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