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Cosmetic Surgery Secrecy

Due to the nature of cosmetic surgery, many believe it would be hard for a person to undergo a procedure without telling friends and family members about their treatment. After all, if a person has had treatment on their face or another part of the body that is easy for others to see, you’d expect the changes to be noticeable.

However, studies suggest that many people keep their cosmetic surgery procedures a secret from others, often only telling a small number of people about the changes they either plan to make or have already carried out.

November 13, 2015


Weight-loss surgery

It’s not unheard of for weight loss surgery patients to keep their procedures a secret.

Liposuction patients are sometimes able to disguise drastic body changes by dressing in baggy clothes before gradually revealing their new figure.

Since gastric band patients lose weight slowly due to an inability to overeat, other people may assume they’re dieting, and as a result their surgery may go somewhat unnoticed.

When British TV presenter Fern Britton had a gastric band fitted in 2006, she only told her husband and four of her close friends that she was going under the knife. It wasn’t until two years later that news of her surgery was revealed and she was criticised for saying she lost weight be eating healthily and exercising.

Non-invasive treatments

Patients undergoing non-invasive procedures are also often able to keep their surgery a secret if they wish.

Apprentice winter, Dr Leah Totton, who runs a non-invasive cosmetic surgery clinic in London says approximately 70 per cent of her clients keep quiet about the work they have done.

She credits subtle procedures and improvements in techniques: “Partly my ladies want privacy, but also as procedures get more subtle they’re easier to hide. And they are fast to perform, with little recovery time, so no one needs to find out, ever.”

Spouse secrets

It’s not only friends and extended family members that are often keep out of the loop when a person has plastic surgery, some patients hide their procedures from their own spouses.

American plastic surgeon, Anthony Youn said: “As the number of people having plastic surgery rises, more and more feel the need to hide their procedures from their significant others.

“While surgery can be difficult to hide, especially large operations with dramatic changes such as tummy tucks and face-lifts, less-invasive procedures such as Botox and filler injections aren’t as hard to conceal,” he adds.

Dr Youn explains that often, patients want to hide how much money they’re spending. Some patients pay with cash, but others take out loans to fund their surgery.

“Men are notoriously bad at noticing changes in their spouses. In fact, a 2004 study found that women are much better than men at remembering appearances.”

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