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Doctor Provides Advice on How to Avoid Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys

June 12, 2013

A respected doctor has provided a checklist of guidelines for patients to follow in order to minimise the risks of experiencing cosmetic surgery gone wrong which are often caused by cosmetic surgery cowboys who are not adequately skilled to perform body enhancing procedures.

Dr Mark Porter has urged patients to take a cautious approach before going under the knife to mitigate the likelihood of experiencing cosmetic surgery negligence which he states is too common place in a largely unregulated industry.Doctor Provides Advice on How to Avoid Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys

Whilst acknowledging that cosmetic surgery that goes well can transform a life, he stresses that cosmetic surgery gone wrong can have the opposite effect causing physical as well as psychological harm to patients.

Highlighting that every day, thousands of people across the UK run the risk of seeing unregistered and poorly qualified practitioners, known as cosmetic surgery cowboys, Dr Porter has provided a checklist of tips for women and men to adhere to:

1. Don’t scrimp.


Too many people are more interested in the price of a procedure, rather than the likely outcome. Going for a bargain procedure can be a false economy and result in experiencing cosmetic surgery negligence.


2. Listen to people you know who have had work done.


Word-of-mouth is not infallible but can be more accurate than a glossy advert as a method of avoiding cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Talk to your GP: while cosmetic procedures are not part of our NHS workload we often know who’s who — professionally and socially — and have an idea of who to use or avoid. Even if your GP declines to make a recommendation, keep them informed.


3. Your first appointment/assessment should be with the surgeon who will carry out your procedure/operation.


Dr Porter warns that when clinics provide an ‘adviser’ in the initial consultation it is an indication that you may be dealing with a cosmetic surgery cowboy. He says your surgeon should be listed as a plastic surgeon on the General Medical Council specialist register at; they should also belong to either the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( or the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (


4. A good specialist will try to deter a patient with unrealistic expectations.


Many practitioners will insist on giving the patient time to consider whether to go ahead. If you are asked for your credit card within minutes of arriving at a clinic, you are in the wrong place and are more likely to be at risk of cosmetic surgery going wrong.


5. Think twice before going abroad.


Cosmetic surgery gone wrong is particularly common abroad resulting in complications and cosmetic surgery negligence ranging from bleeding or infection to poor results.


6. If you smoke, stop at least two weeks before surgery.


Smoking interferes with the delicate blood supply to surgical wounds and can seriously impair recovery — sometimes with disastrous consequences.


7. If you are uncertain, don’t be pushed.


A good doctor will talk you out of a procedure rather than in to one. Equally, be sure what your problem is. If you really cannot live with your bust then get it enhanced (or reduced), but if it is your partner who harps on about it, try changing them first.

Dr Porter also provided a list of recommended surgeons where patients should be in safe hands and less vulnerable to cosmetic surgery cowboys and less likely to experience cosmetic surgery negligence.

In order to avoid cosmetic surgery going wrong, Dr Porter highlighted a number of practitioners who specialise in different procedures including box and fillers, laser treatment, liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, face lift, tummy tuck and ear surgery.

Have you recently undergone a cosmetic surgery procedure that you’re not happy with as a result of cosmetic surgery negligence where you might be entitled to make a cosmetic surgery claim for compensation? Talk to one of our specialist solicitors on 0800 634 0285 or request a call back from our team.

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