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The Facts You Need to Know Before Getting a Facelift

Not only can a facelift make you feel and look younger, but it can also give you long lasting solution to anti-ageing. However, before committing to surgery, there are a number of things you must consider.

January 18, 2016

Both men and women reach a point in their life, where they realise that all of those years are finally starting to show. Unfortunately, aging cannot be avoided. And as this process happens, you can be left with sagging skin and a lack of definition across the face and neck. If this sounds familiar, you have probably considered a facelift as a means of turning back the clock. Not only can it make you feel and look younger, but it can also give you long lasting solution to anti-ageing. However, before committing to surgery, there are a number of things you must consider.

Manage Your Expectations

One of the biggest mistakes when considering plastic surgery, is failing to understand exactly what can be achieved. This is can then be magnified by consultants failing to manage a patient’s expectations and over promising results. Although a facelift can assist in making you look younger, unfortunately it is very unlikely that it will take 30 years off of your face. If you go into surgery believing that this will be achieved, it can leave you feeling deflated once you have recovered. This disappointment can then lead to vicious cycle of emotional torment, including depression and anxiety.

A facelift can help to tighten any laxity, leaving your face looking less haggard and much more rejuvenated. Do not expect a facelift to remove all traces of lines and wrinkles, brown spots or pigmentation issues in the skin. A facelift can assist in restoring a more youthful contour, however will not change the look of other features on the face, such as drooping eyelids.

Expect Scars after your Surgery

Most invasive surgeries will leave scars, unfortunately this is just a side effect of causing trauma to the skin, though many people still feel unprepared when they see them. Excessive scarring after cosmetic surgery, however, may show signs of negligent surgical technique, which could lead to compensation for the damage caused. Any scarring caused as a result of your facelift should be hidden, making the scars as discreet as possible. The incisions should be in places that aren’t as noticeable, such as behind the ears. You must also be aware that some skin types don’t heal as well as others. So, if you are prone to more obvious scarring, such as keloid or hypertrophic scarring, you may want to think twice about a facelift.

Take the Time to Fully Recover

You may be excited to get back on your feet and show off your new face, however you must take your time. The time it takes to recover will differ from patient to patient, however it is typically anywhere in between 10 to 14 days, however swelling can be visible for a number of months. If you are a smoker, you should quit for a number of weeks before and after your procedure as this can prolong the healing process. Infection can also be a worry due to the open wounds, so try to keep your wounds as clean as possible during this time and avoid situations that could lead to you compromising your recovery.

Choose the right cosmetic surgeon

The beauty of the cosmetic surgery industry, is that you can actively seek out a surgeon based on their credentials and previous work. So take advantage of this opportunity. You need to be able to put your full trust in your surgeon, so if you have doubts, follow your gut instinct.

Do your own research to find as many testimonials, reviews and photographs as possible of facelifts that they have done in the past. Your GP can often give you recommendations, so visit them before hand for impartial advice.

If you have fallen victim to a negligent facelift, you aren’t alone. Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have been dealing with cases of facelifts going wrong for a number of years, so it is likely that we have dealt with a case similar to yours in the past. To find out more information about making a claim for compensation, speak to one of our solicitors today, for free, expert advice.

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