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Mother of 2 Dies During Fat Transfer Procedure

All forms of surgery, including cosmetic surgery, carry substantial risks. And, unfortunately a mother of 2, from West Virginia in America, has recently died following complications caused by a fat transfer procedure.

May 23, 2016

Fat Transfer Negligence | Cosmetic Surgery SolicitorsAccording to sources, the woman, known as Heather Meadows, travelled to Florida, where she hoped to have a “Brazilian Butt Lift”. A procedure that uses a patients own fat to increase the size, or contour of the buttocks. During the procedure, doctors noticed that something wasn’t right and rushed her away to the nearest emergency room, however she didn’t make it.

The procedure works by removing fat from one area of the body, usually the abdomen, or upper thighs, then re-injecting it into another area of the body. This can be used to replace lost volume in areas of the body such as the face, or to increase the size or contour of an area, such as the buttocks, or breasts.

Unfortunately, according to news sources, during this patient’s procedure clots of fat entered the arteries, blocking the blood flow. This caused organ failure, which ultimately caused her death.

The “Brazilian Butt Lift” is continuing to grow in popularity. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, states that over 14,705 procedures buttock augmentations using fat graft were carried out in 2015 alone. With an increase of 28% on the previous year, this has quickly become the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedure.

Generally speaking, fat transfer procedures are safe, when performed in the right hands. However, in some cases, including this very unfortunate incident, things can go wrong, which can cause serious pain, disfigurement, or even death. According to the Guardian, there have been a number of surgeons who have voiced their concerns over the lack of expertise and regulation found across practitioners who are performing the procedure.

As the leading UK cosmetic surgery law firm, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are aware of the impact that can be caused by poor cosmetic surgery. Our solicitors are dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome for patients, including those who have suffered as a result of botched fat transfer.

If you would like any more information about cosmetic surgery negligence, contact a member of our team for more information.


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