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The coronavirus pandemic has led to a sharp rise in the number of cosmetic surgery patients trying out procedures for the first time, with many finding the increased use of face masks and time at home to recover the perfect conditions in which to experiment.

As reported by The Metro, Transform Hospital Group dubbed the increase in cosmetic surgery patients taking advantage of the chance to recover at home or behind a mask as the "nobody knows job".

Speaking to the publication, Helen Green, national aesthetics nurse at Transform, said: "Wearing face masks in public can easily disguise the immediate effects of any work which has been done to your face including any potential redness, bruising or swelling.

"And, with face-to-face meetings still not on the agenda and emptier than usual diaries, some are finding it is an ideal time to get procedures done discreetly with an under-the-radar recovery.

"A lack of sunny holidays for the foreseeable also means patients don't have to worry about scars and bruising on the body being on show, and because many of us have been spending less this year, people are finding they have more spare money than usual to perhaps get something done that they've wanted for a while."

Commenting on the report, Michael Saul, partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, said: "Understandably the conditions are extremely favourable right now for those who are sure they want a certain cosmetic procedure and have done their research.

"However, it's worrying to think that many people might decide to take advantage of these conditions in order to experiment with cosmetic surgery and try things they might not otherwise consider. It is still extremely important to take the same amount of time to assess the risks of any procedures and not rush into any big decisions."

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