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Pete Burns Left Bankrupt After Years Of Cosmetic Surgery

May 8, 2015

Dead or Alive front-man and Celebrity Big Brother star, Pete Burns, has been declared officially bankrupt after years of spending on cosmetic and corrective surgery, it was reported on the Daily Record news site.

The 55 year old singer is best known for his classic 80s hit, You Spin Me Round, as well as for his penchant for cosmetic surgery – procedures said to include numerous facelifts, rhinoplasty along with a procedure to give his eyes a slanted, more feline look. It was reported that the celebrity has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on procedures and has changed his features so much, he is virtually unrecognisable.

article-0-073C7FC9000005DC-29_468x475Unfortunately, he is also well-known for his distressing experiences with problematic and negligent cosmetic surgery procedures. Speaking to Reveal magazine in 2011, he described how his first cosmetic nose surgery was so crooked, he could no longer wear sunglasses but how this did not put him off further operations.

The most devastating experience was when an implant caused his lip to become dangerously infected and swell to 18 inches in 2009, reportedly causing Pete to feel ‘suicidal’ and seriously affecting his career. Although Pete was awarded £450,000 as a result of this cosmetic surgery negligence, it took a further 18 months of expensive surgery to correct.

Mike Saul, Head of Negligence here at TJL Solicitors, commented, “Every cosmetic surgery procedure carries with it a certain degree of risk – the decision to go ahead with an operation needs careful consideration and thorough preparation. Sometimes when surgery goes wrong, it can affect you in ways you might not have been expecting – emotionally and financially as well as physically.

“Sadly, we can’t see into the future but we can minimise the possibility of this sort of devastating experience by ensuring we are fully informed and have found a professional surgeon, experienced in the area of surgery you are seeking.”

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