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As we return to our normal routines and aesthetics clinics are beginning to reopen, people are considering resuming cosmetic procedures and ‘tweakments’. We would caution anyone that these are not procedures that anyone should rush into, and those who are seriously considering cosmetic procedures should take the appropriate steps to ensure that they know all of the potential risks and associated complications.

Save Face, national register of accredited aesthetic practitioners, recently commissioned a survey into public perceptions of how aesthetic procedures would resume and how patients may feel about the safety measures that should be in place when clinics reopen.

The survey, of 2,352 respondents, revealed that 98% of people said they wanted a non-surgical cosmetic treatment once lockdown restrictions were lifted.

100% of survey respondents said they wanted their practitioner to wear the appropriate PPE and they would expect them to have a full understanding of how to use and dispose of it correctly.

As well as this, 94% of the respondents said that they would like remote consultations and follow up appointments to reduce contact time. While this would be beneficial for reducing the level of risk associated with spending time with people, aftercare consultations conducted in this manner could increase the likelihood of practitioners or surgeons making mistakes, or potentially missing complications. However, a smaller 86% of respondents said that a thorough health screening was essential.

We would caution anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to go through some kind of health screening process to ensure that they are in the best possible position to undergo a potentially invasive procedure, as well as to recover from the procedure properly.

These results from Save Face indicate that while a great number of people are considering or actively planning a cosmetic procedure, these people are aware of the potential risks associated with a surgery or procedure and are more cautious when it comes to patient safety. People should feel empowered to review the credentials and testimonials of the surgeon or practitioner that they choose, rather than rushing into a potentially life-changing procedure because they have missed the opportunity to do so during lockdown.

We would advise anyone considering a procedure to do their research, including what to expect during and after the procedure as well as research into the surgeon or practitioner. Read our guide to finding a safe cosmetic surgeon in the first instance, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you have experienced negligence following a procedure.

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