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The Sun has launched a campaign to challenge the UK’s government to take action and crack down on the dangerous and unregulated dermal filler industry.

In January, The Sun newspaper’s Fabulous magazine started the ‘Had our Fill’ campaign, backed by a number of celebrities, reality stars and MPs. The campaign will put pressure on the government to:

  • Make fillers illegal for those under 18
  • Crack down on social media sites promoting the procedures
  • Create a UK register for members of the public to find reputable practitioners.

So far, the Had our Fill campaign has included personal articles from The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs and Health Minister Nadine Dorries. It also revealed the results of an experiment whereby a 15 year old girl visited clinics for an initial consultation and secured an appointment - without being asked for her age.

Michael Saul, partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, says: “It defies belief that this kind of procedure can be performed by someone who has had no medical training whatsoever. But it’s not only those without training who are putting patients at risk. We’ve helped clients who have received botched fillers from those who supposedly know what they’re doing - one case came to us after a self-styled ‘cosmetic doctor’ injected filler into their central retinal artery, which led to permanent blindness.

“That’s why Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are wholeheartedly supporting the Had our Fill campaign to challenge the government to regulate this dangerous industry.”

Rachel Shields, assistant editor at The Sun Fabulous, said: “Fabulous is standing up for the women falling victim to Britain’s shockingly unregulated injectables industry. The fact that someone with no medical training can inject potentially lethal substances into another person’s face is a scandal. This is a £2.75billion industry so many are getting rich off the back of this booming business, exploiting vulnerable young women who are paying a high price for it.”

‘Had Our Fill’ comes on the heels of the ‘Fill Me In’ editorial series from VICE, a collection of articles that is investigating the ‘shady industry of unregulated injectables’ in order to ‘raise awareness of its dangers.’ Together with our social media petition, the clamour from the public and industry professionals for the government to introduce and improve the standards of the aesthetic industry is becoming hard to ignore.

Our Advice

At Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, we implore anyone who is considering fillers, botox or any other ‘tweakments’ to seek reputable practitioners. It’s best to get more than one expert opinion, so seek out more than one consultation, and don’t go ahead and book immediately following the consultation. You shouldn’t feel pressured or rushed into booking a treatment.

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