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TJL leads landmark legal battle against providers of anti-wrinkle treatment Isolagen

May 19, 2010

TJL Solicitors is leading an action on behalf of 70 women and men against the doctors and clinics who provided the so-called ‘miracle’ anti-wrinkle treatment Isolagen.

TJL Solicitors is leading an action on behalf of 70 women and men against the doctors and clinics who provided the so-called ‘miracle’ anti-wrinkle treatment Isolagen.

Patients paid as much as £4,500 each for the treatment, which was billed as the world’s first non-surgical ‘grow your own facelift’ procedure.

It claimed to rejuvenate sagging skin, reduce lines and wrinkles and treat scarring.

In fact, the group claim, the treatment was mis-sold and didn’t work.

Legal help and compensation

Scores of women and men affected approached the consumer watchdog Which? About how they could seek compensation for their failed treatment.

They launched an online chat room to find other women disappointed with Isolagen and set up the Isolagen Action Group. Click here to go to the Which? website.

Which? in turn contacted TJL Solicitors – we are the only firm in England to have a department dedicated to cosmetic surgery negligence – for help.

The firm has since launched an action against the providers of Isolagen on behalf of 70 women and men who claim they were mis-sold the treatment.

Mike Saul, partner at TJL Solicitors, said the firm had written to clinics and doctors to give them the opportunity to settle and pay damages.

‘Many of these women were promised a miracle cure for wrinkles by clinics and doctors which simply didn’t materialise,’ Mr Saul said.

‘They have lost thousands of pounds – some invested their life savings in this procedure.

‘We believe the clinics, as well as doctors who provided the treatment, should be held accountable and will be pursuing full refunds for the treatment, as well as compensation for other associated losses.’

Victims of Isolagen

Julia Hall, 37, who is spearheading the campaign group for compensation, spent £8,000 of her life savings on Isolagen treatment at

a prestigious clinic in London, but was dismayed by the results.

She first had skin removed from behind her ears, followed by two courses of treatments which involved 40 injections each time in crease lines on her face.

But, she said, improvements failed to materialise.

Miss Hall, from Kent, tried to get a refund from the clinic, but it insisted the treatment had worked and she was turned down.

‘We’ve been treated as guinea pigs,’ she said. ‘This product should have been properly tested.

‘Isolagen left the country and we were left with no money from a treatment that didn’t work.’

If you have suffered because of negligent cosmetic surgery or treatment please contact TJL Solicitors on 0800 634 0285 for a free consultation.

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