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The unexpected side effects of cosmetic surgery

March 25, 2014

unhappy-coupleI came across an article today which told the story of couples where one person in each relationship had decided to opt for cosmetic surgery. However, unlike typical stereotypes, in each case it was the male who had opted for the cosmetic surgery.

In each of the case studies presented the man had opted for either liposuction, male breast reduction along with one gentlemen deciding to have his ears pinned back prior to getting married. The article goes on to highlight the effects the surgery had had on their partners.

The article describes how the problems for each couple began after the cosmetic surgery. The women in each relationship began to grow concerned about their own appearance. They started to feel that if their partner was so unhappy with their own appearance that it led them to opt for cosmetic surgery, what if they were thinking the same about them but were too afraid to say anything?

The article raised a very valid point about how cosmetic surgery is a truly life changing experience, it needs to be thought about, discussed and planned for appropriately, and even then, unexpected results, such as paranoid partners or cosmetic surgery negligence can occur.

This led me onto thinking about the victims of cosmetic surgery negligence we experience at TJL Solicitors. With the article I read highlighting the psychological effects and pressure on relationships following successful surgery; it only served to highlight how intense the damage must be following cosmetic surgery negligence.

Past clients we’ve had at TJL Solicitors have told stories of how they had wanted to change a certain feature on their body for years on end, following childhood bullying or whatever cause, decided to opt for cosmetic surgery. These women had discussed the option of surgery for months, if not years, with their partners, saving every penny they could in order to achieve their dream of looking the way they had always wanted.

Upon leaving the operating theatre and realising their cosmetic surgery had gone wrong, the effect upon them and their partners is almost incomprehensible.

I recall stories of marriages and long term relationships falling apart following cosmetic surgery gone wrong. These victims of cosmetic surgery negligence had immediately found themselves in a position where before they were simply paranoid about their imperfections, whereas now, following their cosmetic surgery gone wrong, they were left with deformities and scarring they couldn’t hide.

As a result of the negligent cosmetic surgery, some victims were left feeling they couldn’t undress in front of or even continue their sexual relationship with their partners – leaving the relationship almost destined for failure.

To find myself in court where the judge has simply ruled out any psychological damage simply baffles me and articles like the one I read today serve a constant reminder that more attention needs to be put on the psychological and emotional effects cosmetic surgery negligence can have on the unwitting victims.

Mike Saul
Head of Cosmetic Surgery Negligence at TJL Solicitors

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