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What Is A Vampire Facelift?

Below we look at the procedure itself, who has been getting PRP in the celebrity world, what the risks are and the other factors that you should consider before booking.

September 14, 2015

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, otherwise known as a Vampire Facelift, is a relatively new procedure that involves the extraction of blood from a patient’s arm before injecting it into the face to give a plumped appearance. For many it is seen as a more natural form of cosmetic surgery than the usual botox or collagen fillers.


So how does it work? Your surgeon will start by extracting a small amount (usually 10ml-20ml) of blood from your arm. Your blood will then be spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma (fluid part) from the red and white blood cells. The concentrated plasma is rich in platelets, which have high growth properties and help to heal injured tissue or damaged skin. When injected back into the face, skin is said to appear plumped, filled and radiant.


As you would expect, Kim Kardashian is a fan of the treatment, she was filmed having the procedure in March. A slightly more surprising advocate is the actor Rupert Everett, despite never having had the treatment himself, he has been quoted as saying it would be his greatest luxury. The treatment has been used for sports rehabilitation for almost 20 years, star tennis player Rafael Nadal has used it to improve his recovery times.


The Vampire Facelift surgical technique is most commonly carried out around the nose, eyes and mouth area but people are also using it to give a youthful appearance to the back of hands, knees and to reduce the appearance of scarring.


The whole procedure usually takes around one hour and you will likely need two or three top-up treatments for the results to become visible. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately after treatment and you can expect the results to last for up to one and a half years.


As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risks, potential complications and a chance of negligence. Immediately after the procedure, you can expect injection sites to appear bruised, swollen and red, you may also experience some tenderness and pain. Allergic reactions are not common with PRP Therapy.
If you have been for a Vampire Facelift and have experienced post surgery problems that go beyond what has already been described, it is worth getting in touch with cosmetic surgery solicitors. At TJL Solicitors we can advise you on whether you may have a case for negligence. Either call us on 0808 256 1272 or email

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