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Woman Has Her Legs and Arms Amputated After Cosmetic Surgery Went Wrong

March 12, 2014

It has been reported on Botched Up Bodies, that a mother of two has lost both her arms and legs as well as her buttocks after her cosmetic surgery went wrong after being injected with bathroom sealant instead of silicone.

The injection caused the mother-of-two, Apryl Brown, to suffer a massive infection which left her in a coma for one month.

Instead of achieving the body enhancing procedure that Mrs Brown sought, she was left in agony and eventually had to have her buttocks, legs and arms amputated after a black market practitioner injected her with industrial grade silicone of the sort commonly used in bathroom sealant.

Recalling how initially she felt perfectly fine following her treatment but then realised something was wrong, Mrs Brown said: “They [Apryl’s buttocks] started to get hard, and then they started to get discoloured. By 2006, it was starting to itch and by 2007, the pain started. One thing about pain is that you can’t turn it off. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t even concentrate.

“I had gone to this party one Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning and thought “oh my God, Apryl!”. I just couldn’t pull myself together. That night was the roughest night of my life. I literally scratched all of the skin off my buttocks. My nails pulled all of the skin off my body. And when my sister came in, and she saw that, it freaked her out.”

Apryl was rushed to hospital, where surgeons discovered that a massive infection caused by the impure silicone had caused her body to go into severe shock.

After a month in a coma, Apryl awoke to a very different world. The drugs that saved Apryl’s life had diverted blood flow to her essential organs, keeping her heart beating and liver functioning as her body fought off the infection. But her hands and feet, starved of oxygen while the drugs did their work, had died.

Recalling how her cosmetic surgery went wrong, Apryl added: “I just moved the cover and I saw my right foot and I thought “oh my God” and it was that moment, that’s when it got real.”

Along with her buttocks, too damaged and infected from the injections to remain, her hands and feet had to be amputated. Despite the heavy price she paid for cheap surgery, Apryl says that she’s recovering and is determined to enjoy the rest of her life.

Mrs Brown concluded: “Now it’s just my new normal. Now it’s just different. Now I don’t just wake up and jump up on my legs, I wake up and snap on my prosthetics. The hands, that’s more challenging because you don’t really realise how much you do with them until you don’t have them.”

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