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Brow Lift Claims

Do you believe you have suffered as a result of negligence during brow lift or forehead lift surgery? If so, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

The team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors is extremely well placed to help you not only succeed with your claim, but ensure the whole process – from start to finish – is as stress-free as possible.

That’s because we were the first legal practice established in England and Wales solely dedicated to helping victims of cosmetic surgery negligence. As a result, we have a success rate of 95% on all cases we have pursued after obtaining medical evidence.


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Brow lifts explained

The ageing process causes skin to lose elasticity and muscles to slacken. As a result, the eyebrows begin to droop, wrinkles and frown lines appear and excess skin and fat accumulate, giving the face an older and more tired appearance.

A brow lift – now one of the top ten most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK – is a popular way of reversing the unwanted signs of ageing, as it smoothes out wrinkles on the forehead and reduces the amount of loose skin around the eyes.

Endoscopic brow lifts

This technique is most common among cosmetic surgeons and the procedure will normally take place as described below:

  • The surgeon will make multiple incisions (usually around three to five) on the scalp.
  • A very thin, plastic tube with a camera attached at one end is then inserted into the scalp.
  • The images that the camera picks up are then projected on a live screen in the theatre.
  • The surgeon can then operate on the fatty tissue and muscles behind the hairline.
  • The eyebrows are then lifted and secured with stitches. In some cases, screws are placed behind the hairline and the incisions are stitched or clipped.

Classic brow lift

The classic or open brow lift for men has become less popular because of the scars it leaves. This technique typically proceeds in the following way:

  • The surgeon will make an incision slightly back from the hairline, from one ear to the other. For bald patients or those with receding hairlines, the incision is usually easily hidden in a crease on the forehead.
  • After the incision is made, the skin on the upper part of the face is separated from the underlying tissue.
  • The surgeon then begins to work on reducing or tightening the muscles.
  • The forehead skin is stretched and either clipped or stitched into place, and any surplus skin is then removed.

What can go wrong?

It is very rare for things to go wrong during this kind of procedure. However, it does happen.

Unfortunately, the rise in demand for cosmetic surgery, in addition to the industry’s lack of regulation, has led to a number of substandard procedures being performed.

Indications of possible negligence include:

  • Asymmetric looking eyebrows
  • Scarring and infection
  • Nerve damage or numbness
  • Impaired eyebrow movement
  • Problems moving your eyebrows
  • Wrinkles or creases returning after a short period

Why should I claim compensation?

Negligent cosmetic surgery can have a huge negative impact on your life, affecting your physical and mental health in a variety of ways.

However, compensation can change your life for the better. A financial award can contribute to the cost of reconstructive surgery and aid your physical and mental recovery from the botched surgery. Not only that, but it can stop the offending surgeon or clinic making the same mistake with other patients in the future.

Why Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors is the first legal practice in England and Wales solely dedicated to victims of cosmetic surgery negligence.

As one the UK’s leading experts in this field, we are well placed for delivering the best results for patients who have suffered from poor care. We boast a highly impressive success rate in the clinical negligence cases we have taken on after obtaining medical evidence, and consequently have been able to recover more than £3 million for our clients to date.


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