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Labiaplasty compensation claims

If you have experienced issues following your labiaplasty surgery (also known as vaginoplasty surgery) and think that the problems you faced were the fault of a negligent surgeon or clinic, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

If your labia surgery compensation claim is successful, the financial award you receive could include damages for any physical or psychological distress you suffered as a result of your labiaplasty going wrong. It could also go towards the cost for any additional surgery you may require to correct the damage.

It can be difficult to know where to get help after your vaginoplasty has gone wrong, but Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was the first legal practice in England and Wales dedicated to supporting victims of negligent cosmetic procedures. Our team will guide you through the often complex claims process, working on a no win, no fee basis.

Headed up by partner Michael Saul, we are specialists in the area of labiaplasty compensation claims, so you will be in the best possible position to recover the financial award you deserve.

To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you can make a claim after your labiaplasty has gone wrong, get in touch with us today.

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Surgeons’ and clinics’ duty of care

Surgeons and clinics that carry out labiaplasty surgery have a duty of care to ensure patients’ safety and wellbeing.

They must be held accountable to this duty as negligence in vaginoplasty surgery can cause long lasting physical and psychological damage to the patient.

Clinics and surgeons are not only responsible for preventing things that can be reasonably preventable, but also for telling you about the complications that cannot be prevented.

If your clinic or surgeon has not fulfilled this duty of care, you may be eligible to make a claim for labiaplasty compensation.

How can labia surgery go wrong?

Most labiaplasty surgeries are carried out successfully and patients are happy with their results but, on occasion, labia surgery goes wrong.

The vaginoplasty procedure is intended to tone the vaginal muscles, resulting in greater strength, contraction and control. As vaginal tightening is an invasive procedure, it is common for women to feel some pain and discomfort for several weeks following labiaplasty surgery.

In addition, the labia is a very sensitive area, so it may take some time for the expected swelling and bruising to reduce. However, after this recovery period, there may be indications that something has gone wrong.

If you experience the following, it may be a sign of negligence:

  • Haematoma – excessive bleeding
  • Extreme scarring
  • Infection
  • Skin necrosis (a restriction to the blood cells that causes skin decay)
  • Wound dehiscence (when a surgical wound ruptures)

These physical effects often trigger a negative emotional response, which can lead to:

  • Feeling disappointed that the procedure failed to achieve the results you desired
  • Depression as a result of an unsuccessful labiaplasty

How can we help?

If you have suffered as a result of any of the complications listed above, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support you in your claim for compensation following an unsuccessful vaginoplasty procedure.

It can be hard to understand your legal position if you have experienced negligence from a surgeon or clinic as regulations within the cosmetic surgery industry are very inconsistent.

But the expert team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has an impressive win rate of 95% and is on hand to guide you through the complex claims process to secure the compensation you deserve for your labiaplasty that’s gone wrong.


To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you can make a claim for vaginoplasty compensation, call 0800 634 0285 or fill in the quick contact form below to request a call back.

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The procedure

Depending on the type of anaesthetic you are given, you may be asked to stay in hospital overnight.

You will be advised by your surgeon as to whether you’ll need a local or general anaesthetic. If you are given local anaesthetic, your surgeon will also sedate you.

Once the anaesthetic has set in, the surgeon will begin to operate. The stretched pelvic floor muscles and ligaments at the back of your vagina are joined together and shortened using dissolvable stitches.

The surgeon will then remove any excess skin and vaginal lining, which helps to tighten the vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues.

If you were given general anaesthetic, you may be asked to stay in hospital overnight. You may find walking and sitting uncomfortable for a few days.

Negligence and complications

This procedure is supposed to tone the vaginal muscles and result in greater strength, contraction and control. However, as vaginal tightening is an invasive procedure, it is common for women to feel some pain and discomfort for several weeks following vaginoplasty surgery.

However, the following complications may indicate that you are a victim of negligent treatment:

  • Haematoma – excessive bleeding
  • Extreme scarring.

If this procedure is carried out using general anaesthetic, there are various associated risks, which are typically rare, that you need to be aware of. These complications can include:

  • Anaphylaxis (a harmful reaction to the anaesthetic)
  • Inherited reaction to the anaesthetic
  • In extremely rare cases, death (approximately one death for every 100,000 general anaesthetics given)
  • Infection
  • Ischemic necrosis (a restriction to the blood cells, causing a group of cells to die)

These problems are more likely to arise if:

  • you are undergoing emergency surgery
  • you have other illnesses
  • you are a smoker
  • you are overweight

Your surgeon should talk you through these risks before your operation.

Making a claim with Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors

To begin your claim, all you need to do is get in touch with our team of specialist solicitors, who will discuss your situation with you and inform you of the next steps.

Our expertise in this area means you can be confident of a stress-free and efficient experience. We will keep you informed of progress at every stage of the process and put you in a great position to recover compensation that can help to reduce the suffering you are likely feeling now.

We have a 95% success rate in cases we have pursued after obtaining medical evidence and have claimed upwards of £3 million for our clients to date – our results speak for themselves.


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