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Lip filler & implant claims

If you have experienced problems after having lip fillers or implants and think that the issues you faced were the fault of a negligent surgeon or clinic, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

People who cosmetically enhance their lips often do so for aesthetic reasons or to boost their confidence, but if lip fillers or implants go wrong the patient can end up feeling worse than they did before the procedure.

Working on a no win, no fee basis and with a 95% success rate with cases we’ve pursued after obtaining medical evidence, you will be in the best possible position to recover a significant financial award.

To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you can make a claim after your lip implants have gone wrong, get in touch with us today. Call 0800 634 0285 or fill in the quick contact form below to request a call back.

Lip fillers and implants - the differences

There are two main types of lip augmentation - fillers and implants. The most common aims of both procedures are to rectify thin or uneven lips or to make them look bigger.

With fillers, dermal filler material is injected into the lips until the desired shape or plumpness is achieved. The procedure is minimally invasive and patients need little recovery time. The results are not permanent as the body naturally breaks down the filler over time.

Lip implants are permanent and the surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. Instead of a substance being injected, as with fillers, small incisions are made at the side and edge of the lips and an implant is inserted to make lips appear fuller.

Patients who opt for lip fillers will often return for repeat procedures, or ‘top ups’, whereas those who have permanent lip implants inserted do not have to.

Surgeons’ and clinics’ duty of care

There are different risks associated with the different procedures that can cause lip fillers or implants to go wrong, but surgeons who carry out lip augmentation procedures have a duty of care to ensure patients’ safety and wellbeing.

They must be held accountable to this duty as negligence in lip filler or implant surgery can cause long lasting physical and psychological damage to the patient.

Clinics and surgeons are not only responsible for preventing things that can be reasonably preventable, but also for telling you about the complications that cannot be prevented.

If your clinic or surgeon has not fulfilled this duty of care, you may be eligible to make a claim for lip augmentation compensation.

How can lip augmentation go wrong?

Most lip filler and implant procedures are carried out successfully and patients are happy with their results, but there are sometimes occasions when lip procedures go wrong.

There are a number physical issues that a surgeon or clinic’s negligence can cause. We have successfully helped patients claim compensation for the following issues after having lip fillers or implants:

  • Lumps and irregularities in the lips
  • Leaking implants - potentially causing an allergic reaction
  • Severe and prolonged swelling or bruising of the lips
  • Infection in the lips
  • Tissue loss following injection into a blood vessel
  • Allergic reaction causing redness, swelling or itching
  • Lip asymmetry (uneven sizing)
  • Excessive scarring
  • Inappropriate swelling due to over-filling

These physical effects often trigger a negative emotional response, which can lead to:

  • Feeling disappointed that the procedure failed to achieve the results the patient desired
  • Depression as a result of an unsuccessful lip enhancement procedure

How can we help?

When a surgeon or clinic is responsible for a lip procedure going wrong, a claim can be made for compensation. The financial award you receive, if your claim is successful, can include damages for any physical or psychological injury as well as cover the cost of any corrective procedures.

If you have suffered as a result of any of the complications listed above, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors can support you in your claim for compensation following an unsuccessful lip filler or implant procedure.

Regulations regarding the cosmetic surgery industry are very inconsistent, which can make it hard to understand your legal position if you have experienced negligence from a surgeon or clinic. There are differences in rules relating to invasive and non-invasive procedures, which is the difference between lip implants and lip fillers.

The expert team at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors has an impressive win rate of 95% and, to date, has successfully recovered more than £3 million in compensation for clients.

We will guide you through the complex claims process to secure compensation for your lip enhancement that’s gone wrong.


To speak to our expert solicitors about whether you can make a claim for lip filler or implant compensation, call 0800 634 0285 or fill in the quick contact form below to request a call back.

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About lip fillers

Lip augmentation is usually performed using dermal filler material, which is injected into the lips until the desired shape or plumpness is achieved. The process is minimally invasive, needing little recovery time and the filler that is injected into the lips is not permanent and is naturally broken down over time.

The lip filler procedure

The most common fillers contain compounds with a likeness to hyaluronic acid, a natural compound found in the body that help increase the volume in your lips.

  • A local numbing gel is applied to help ease discomfort throughout the treatment. In some cases an injection may be given to you that completely numbs your lips
  • The surgeon marks the areas of your lips that are to be injected
  • Once marked, the surgeon will use small needles to inject the filler into the marked areas of your lips
  • After the injections have finished, you may be given an ice pack to help ease any discomfort

About lip implants

Lip implant surgery, also referred to as lip augmentation, attempts to rectify thin or uneven lips in order to make them appear larger or fuller.

This procedure is growing in popularity in the UK, especially among women who are unhappy that their lips appear too thin or shapeless and wish for a more youthful complexion.

The main difference between this kind of surgery and lip filler surgery is that its results are permanent.

The lip implant procedure

Permanent implants are popular because it means patients do not have to return for repeated procedures to obtain their desired appearance. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and generally lasts for half an hour.

Two tiny incisions are made in the corners of the mouth, followed by a longer incision along the lining of the lips to insert the implant. Once the implants have been inserted and the procedure completed, the patient is left with permanent implants in their lips.

Examples of negligence

If something goes wrong, or you are not happy with the results, It is very difficult and expensive to have implants removed.

Typical problems you may encounter which suggest negligence on the part of the surgeon or clinic include:

  • Asymmetric or mis-shapen lips
  • Inappropriate scarring
  • Overfilling of lips creating inappropriate swelling of the lips or ‘trout pout’

If you have suffered as a result of any of the complications above, we can support you in your claim for claim compensation, which can help you afford relevant treatment and even corrective surgery.

How we can help

We are the leading UK cosmetic surgery law firm and have a deserved reputation for delivering outstanding results for patients who have suffered as a result of lip implant or filler negligence.

We can answer any questions you may have about the lip implant claims process and will be here to support you through what can be a stressful experience. But we will protect you from that stress, guiding you through the complicated process of gathering evidence and proving that negligence was the cause of your suffering, all the way through to what we hope is the result you wanted.

With a combination of specialist expertise and many years of experience representing people in the same situation as you, who is better placed to help you claim the compensation you deserve?


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