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Cellulite Treatment Compensation Claims

Has your cellulite beauty treatment gone wrong? If you suffered as a result of negligence by a cosmetic surgeon or clinic, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

We at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have a 95% success rate on all cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence, and we were the first law practice established to focus solely on cosmetic surgery negligence in England and Wales. To date we have recovered more than £3 million of compensation for clients.



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When cellulite treatment negligence has occurred, the following symptoms are typical:

  • Permanent inappropriate scarring
  • Burns as a result of the treatment

About Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is produced when deposits of fat are trapped under a person’s skin. This causes the connective tissue to harden and produces the dimpling effect associated with cellulite. This issue is not fully related to excess weight – the skin becomes thinner with age, which can add to the problem.

In addition, it can be caused by hormonal changes, stress and poor nutrition.

The condition usually affects women, with cellulite typically produced in the thighs, the stomach, the buttocks and breasts.

While cellulite is a common problem, affecting 95% of UK women, it is a condition that can have a huge effect on confidence.

There are three different types of cellulite:

  • Adipose cellulite – generally caused by poor nutrition
  • Oedematous cellulite – caused by water retention
  • Fibrotic cellulite – typically harder than other types and forms deep within the layers of fat

The procedure

The treatments for cellulite reduction are different and varied, with the process taking many forms:

  • Microdermabrasion – particles of salt crystals are passed through a vacuum tube onto the skin to scrape away ageing skin and stimulate new cell growth
  • Mesotherapy – a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected beneath the skin to shrink the cellulite
  • Accent radiofrequency – uses directed energy to reshape the fat cells and connective tissue that forms the cellulite
  • Endermologie – a non-surgical method that uses a massage machine to stretch the connective tissue and release cellulite
  • Cellulaze treatment – a laser is attached to a cannula (thin metal tube), which is inserted into the fat cells below the skin to dissolve the fat and remove any bulges, and to stimulate new skin cell formation

Why Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

We were the first legal practice to be established in England and Wales, and are solely dedicated to supporting victims of cosmetic surgery negligence.

Because of our vast expertise and experience in this area, we know exactly what it takes to bring a claim that has the best possible chance of winning. That way we can guarantee your peace of mind, comfort and satisfaction throughout the whole process.



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