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Chin Reduction Surgery Compensation Claims

Are you unsatisfied with your chin reduction surgery – otherwise known as genioplasty?

As the procedure can often be complex, mistakes can happen. But if you have suffered as the result of human error, the experts at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are here to help you claim compensation for your suffering.

We have a 95% success rate on all cases pursued after obtaining medical evidence, and have claimed more than £3 million of compensation for clients to date. In addition, we were the first legal practice established in England and Wales focused solely on cosmetic surgery negligence. That means you can rest assured that your claim is in safe hands with us.


If you would like to speak to our team of specialists, led by Mike Saul, leader in the field of cosmetic negligence law, call 0800 634 0285 or request a callback from the team using the online contact form below.

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About chin reduction surgery

If a person’s chin is out of proportion, they can feel self-conscious and possibly suffer from low self-esteem. A chin reduction, otherwise known as genioplasty, is an invasive cosmetic surgery that helps to rebalance the patient’s facial features in order to feel more confident, content and happy with their appearance.

For women with a prominent chin, which patients sometimes consider to be ‘masculine’, reduction genioplasty is often undertaken to feminise their face. Female patients undergoing the process also sometimes feel that previous cosmetic surgery like nose jobs or facelifts, have in fact put the focus on their chin to the detriment of their appearance.

Men often undergo the process to soften their appearance or to bring their chin into alignment with the rest of their face. Some men also choose to have a chin reduction as part of an overall gender change process.

The procedure

The surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and normally takes up to 3 hours to perform depending on the complexity of the procedure. When patients undergo genioplasty, the cosmetic surgeon uses one of two different methods:

The horizontal chin reduction surgical method reduces the width and height of the chin to make it narrower and shorter. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions inside the patient’s mouth and underneath their chin to access the bone. The tip of the chin is removed and resized. It is also reshaped using a surgical burr and then reattached with wires and metal plates. The patient’s muscle and soft tissue are then fitted to the shape of the new chin. The incisions are closed with small stitches.

A vertical reduction reduces the length of a patient’s chin to stop it jutting out too far from their face. Again an incision is made inside the patient’s mouth by the surgeon, who then shortens the chin by removing one section of bone from the centre. When this part of the bone has been removed, the upper and lower sections of the chin are joined together via a metal plate. The muscle is then shortened to prevent it from becoming slack around the reshaped chin and the incisions are then closed.

Examples of negligence

Chin reduction is an invasive procedure and full recovery time can be up to six weeks.

Symptoms that indicate the negligence has been encountered, however, can include the following:

  • Loss of sensation in the patient’s lips
  • Loss of sensation in the chin point
  • Dental damage as a result of the chin reduction
  • Asymmetry of the chin

Why Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors?

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors was established over ten years ago to help patients who have suffered cosmetic surgery negligence. We were the first legal practice to be established in England and Wales solely dedicated to supporting victims of cosmetic surgery negligence, so we know exactly what it takes to bring a claim that has the best possible chance of winning.

Our sensitive and respectful way of working, combined with our expertise, brings our clients a comprehensive, stress-free service that places their best interests at the centre of everything that happens.