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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Claims

If you have had an arm lift procedure, otherwise known as a brachioplasty, and you think something has gone wrong because of negligence on the part of the cosmetic surgeon, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

If your claim is successful and you are awarded compensation, it could include a substantial amount to compensate you for both the physical and psychological damage you have suffered, as well as covering the cost of any corrective surgery you may require.

If you think your arm lift surgery has gone wrong, or there have been complications afterwards, then speak to our cosmetic surgery negligence team today. We are leaders in this field of law and, with a success rate of 95% on cases we have pursued after obtaining medical evidence, we are confident we can help you achieve the result you deserve.



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About arm lift surgery

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove fatty tissue and excess skin, colloquially known as ‘bingo wings’, from a patient’s upper arm.

During an arm lift, the underside of the upper arm is reshaped to get rid of the loose skin and fat that causes the upper arm skin to sag, with the reshaping extending from the patient’s armpit to the elbow.

The time required for an arm lift surgery largely depends on the size of the incision made, how much upper arm skin and fat has to be removed and where the loose skin is located. Normally, however, a brachioplasty takes less than two hours to perform.

A correct procedure should proceed as follows:

  • An area of excess skin is marked on the patient’s arm.
  • The surgeon will then make an incision in the inner part of the arm or on the back of the arm. This surgical cut is made in a curved or zig-zag manner to aid healing by enabling the scars to come together as fast as possible.
  • In the most severe cases, the surgeon will need to make an incision that extends all the way from the elbow to the armpit (axilla), but most patients do not require such an extensive incision.
  • The loose fat and skin is removed from the arm but some fat is left to cover and protect the nerves and arteries. Liposuction, involving the insertion of a cannula or thin tube, may also be used to help remove additional fatty deposits.
  • The underlying muscle is tightened with stitches to achieve the desired arm effect. The wound may also be drained to help prevent any fluid build-up.
  • Immediately after the surgery is finished, the affected area is dressed with compression garments to help with the healing process. Depending upon the extent of the surgery, the stitches may be removed one to three weeks later.
  • Patients commonly stay in hospital for one to two days after the arm lift surgery is completed.

The duty of care for clinics and surgeons

Any clinics or surgeons who carry out cosmetic surgery procedures have what is referred to as a ‘duty of care’ to their patients – a responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing while under their care. It’s vital that they are held accountable to this duty, as cosmetic surgery negligence can cause long-lasting physical and psychological damage. If a surgeon does not uphold this duty to their patients, a compensation claim can be made.

The clinic or surgeon are not only responsible for avoiding complications that can be reasonably prevented, but also for informing patients about the limitations of any surgical procedures, as well as the possibilities of any complications that cannot be prevented.

What can go wrong?

It’s normal to feel some pain and discomfort for several weeks following a brachioplasty procedure, but if your arm lift surgery has gone wrong, the indicators of negligence can include:

  • Damage to the muscles and nerves in the arm causing numbness in the arm
  • Asymmetry of the arms, where one looks significantly different to the other
  • Fat necrosis – the fatty deposits underneath the reconstructed skin may die

How can we help?

Due to the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK being inadequately regulated, it can be difficult to understand your legal position or know who to turn to for advice – but that’s where we can help.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, which is the first legal practice established in England and Wales specialising in cosmetic surgery negligence, has successfully recovered over £3 million for our clients.

Our team of expert solicitors – led by Michael Saul, one of the UK’s leading experts in the field – is here to establish both who was responsible for the complications of your surgery and how they have affected your life. We will lead you through the entire claims process and fight until the end for your compensation.



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